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Analysis of the Story of Araby

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Essay Preview: Analysis of the Story of Araby

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Northshore Community College

Fall Semester, 2016 CMP 104


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Dr. Love P. Maya                                Olusegun Babatunde

The tone of the story changes according to events in the story from paragraph to paragraph. The first paragraph of the story describes the neighborhood of the narrator as unlively and boring. However, the tone of the story in subsequent paragraphs becomes cheerful detailing the lifestyle of the narrator, his relationship and rapport with family members, tenants, neighbors and even a stranger.

The fluctuating tone of the story from inactive boring to a lively, romantic, and emotional contribute to the interesting and captivating effect the story has on the reader.

The plot of the story describes the series of events and characters in the story that made the narrator to come to the realization that he is derided and driven by vanity. The events start from when he has a crush on his friend’s sister and his decision to go the bazaar to buy her a gift, his emotional stress when his uncle came home from work drunk and late but eventually giving him the money he needed. He overheard the discussion between the stall lady and two guys and his eventual disappointment when he got to the Bazaar to realize it has ended. All these series of events as described in the story are the plot that led to his realization that he was derided and driven by vanity.

The principal character in the story is the narrator. The minor characters serve the function of making the story real. They synchronize events in the story to allow the events to happen and appear real to the reader. For example, Mangan’s sister makes the narrator to be a character that is capable of having crush which possible in reality, The narrator’s uncle who serve as narrator’s family member and also create the event of the narrator getting to the Bazaar when it has already ended.

The narrator’s opinion about love changes at the end of the story when he realizes through series of events in the story that he was derided and driven by vanity.

The setting of the story is that of a restricted geographical location and the events in the story took place thousands of years ago (1882-1941). The setting of the story affects some events in the story. For example, if the story were to be in modern setting the train would have moved faster and not creep onward as described in the story and the narrator would probably had got to the Bazaar earlier.

The narrator is telling the story from the limited Omniscient Narrator as the focus is on him alone. First person Narrative.



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