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Analytical Procedure

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As future medical technologists, we aim to deliver not just accurate information but the precise or the exact results of the diagnosis of the examinations done. But before the Medical Technologist arrives at the final results of the tests, there are series of events happening before the action has taken place, it is Sampling Preparation. Sampling Preparation is essential to laboratory examinations because it serves as the foundation of all the results which will be diagnosed by the Medical Technologist. If ever the quality of the samples used is erroneous, it will be expected that the results of the diagnosis will be erroneous as well and as future Medical Technologist we need to know everything about Sampling Preparation because we are the one who need to maintain the integrity of the sample gathered from the patients no matter what happens. In this chapter, we are going to talk all about Sampling Preparation, the relationship of Statistics and Analysis of Samples, the Analytical Chemistry definition of Quality Control and many more....


At the end of the report, students are expected to:

* Identify and define the use of the different glossary terms used in the study of Sampling Preparation.

* Explain the differences of sampling procedures, sampling techniques and sampling methods and be able to discuss about the processes undertaken by the samples.

* Apply the Measures of Central Tendencies and the Measures of Variability in the study of Sampling Preparations.

* Evaluate the results in the statistical analysis of data; calculate the percentage of error of the data and compare the results in the given control charts.

* Appreciate the significance of studying Sampling Preparation in the study of our subject, Analytic Chemistry, in the field of our course, and in our daily encounters in our life.



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