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Ancient Empires of Mesopotamia

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Essay Preview: Ancient Empires of Mesopotamia

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Ancient Empires of Mesopotamia

Hello I am Dr. Yoav Meidan, I am a very experienced professional in the study and evidence that the neo-Babylonian empire accomplished the most. My trustworthy apprentice is the famous Dr. Jeff Flukiger which is very serious about observations on most of ancient civilizations. I have studied the four empires in Mesopotamia for my 7th year. I have already shown the world my seven years of work in a conference. I have also told about the hanging gardens of the neo-Babylonians and have seen the king's code of laws. I have found many new things about the Neo-Babylonian empire such as the first uses of mathematics. Also if you look at the ziggurat in Babylonia you can see uses of astronomy.

The neo-Babylonian empire has very much accomplished the most because they had to build up on what they already had before the Assyrians took over. So that meant that the Babylonians (neo-Babylonians) already had laws and special artifacts. But after the Babylonians rebelled against the Assyrians by controlling back the empire of Babylonia and then expanding the land they already had. Afterwards the Babylonians built hanging gardens and using the stars and finding constellations. So they have a sense of style and they fought against the Assyrians.

But everybody has different thoughts and Dr. Doofinshmirts has questioned the Neo-Babylonians many times. He believes that the Assyrians have much greater power. I say that the Neo-Babylonians

Can not only fight but they can thrive and expand. Dr. Doofinshmirts says that the Assyrians are better because of the war strategies and use of recourses to build better weapons. He also disagrees with the fact that the Assyrians have lost the war against the Neo-Babylonians. He tells himself that the only reason the Assyrians lost was because they had too much land to defend.

Unless Doofinshmirts can prove the Assyrians had more than war In them then I might change my mind. My next observation will be about ancient Egypt and the near east. I plan to observe that for at least 2 years unless I don't find anything that anything interesting happened there. thank you for the wonderful interview.



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