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Anna Art Amedeo Modigliani

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Essay Preview: Anna Art Amedeo Modigliani

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Amedeo Modigliani was a magnificent painter. To me, he always wanted to be different and not like everyone else. He didn't use lively colors in a lot of his paintings. In this paper I will show that Amedeo Modigliani "Reclining Nude" is a master piece far exceeding then "Anna Zborowska" in its power to excite the viewer.

In Anna's painting the background is very dark, and depressing and some light colors are at the bottom. When the viewer looks at Anna they would think she blends in with the background because Amedeo doesn't use lively colors. To me, I feel that Amedeo is telling us something about this woman being depressed, and that she didn't have much of a life. At first, I really liked the Anna painting because it was different and strange. I thought it was strange because you don't see that every day a portrait of a woman with black eyes and such a long nose. Then I realized I wasn't interested in the Anna painting because it was too boring. It made me sad every time I looked at the painting.

The "Reclining Nude" is different from "Anna Zborowska" in my eyes because of the way each woman looks. In the "Reclining Nude" painting, the whiteness of her skin and the smoothness of her hair strikes me as if she was real and not imaginary. The color of the pillow pops out at you because it is a bright and warm color, as opposed to the darker colder colors in the background. The Anna painting seems sinister as opposed to the Reclining Nude painting which is more open and vulnerable. There is an idea of beauty where it seems to me that" Reclining Nude" painting is more attractive than the Anna painting.

The painting of Anna has a cold and dark feel to it. I see her as uptight, rude, and depressed. Anna doesn't show you a sense of freedom because she seems possessive and contained. Her body language shows that she wants to say something but is to stuck up. I can tell this because of the look on her face. To me, she is an old depressed woman who doesn't have happiness in her life, or a life to share with someone. Anna seemed like a person who if she was judged by someone she would take it to heart.

In "Reclining Nude" she is so beautiful and relaxed and doesn't care about the way she looked or if she was naked. She is more open, vulnerable and free, doesn't care if people judge her. She wouldn't take it to heart. In this painting I love that she isn't like every other woman, meaning she was a very hairy woman, but in a neat way. The colors he used on "Reclining Nude" seemed more soothing, not like Anna's painting cold and dark. The "Reclining Nude" woman seems like a sweet, and gentle woman. It shows freedom by her not having any clothes on.

Anna is positioned in a odd way,and uncomfortable. Her hands are squeezed together like if she was angry. The way



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