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Answer Thomson Reuters

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1. Which of the following can be found using the Search function in Thomson Reuteurs Eikon

        E. All of the above 

2. The ‘CreateList’ option is available for multi-instrument search results. Which 2 of the following does it allow you to do ?

        B. Create an instrument List in a Chart

C. View the returned RICs in a Quoted List

3. Is the following statement true or false ?

Pre-built Flex samples are only available for Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange asset classes

        B. False

4. It is NOT possible to change the Thomson Reuters Eikon colour theme

        B. False

5. Which Hot Key opens a Quote Pop-up ?

        A. F4

6. Which of the following statements is true with regards to Advanced Search ?

        C. It is not possible to edit searches using Advanced Search

7. Which of the following is NOT a category in the Equities Asset Class menu ?

        D. Exchanges

8. Is the following statement true or false ?

To customize the toolbar in a chart click the hollow square button in the upper right corner of the title bar.

        B. False 

9. Which two of the following methods can initiate the Linking feature in Thomson Reuters Eikon ?

        A. Right-click on the app and choose ‘Link to’

        B. Go to Tools > Link to

10. The ‘Add/Remove Columns…’ wizard enables you to customize and add/delete data fields into your Quote List. Which 2 ways can you access this wizard ?

A. From the toolbar of a Quote List, click the ‘Quote-list’ drop-down menu and select ‘Add/Remove Columns’

E. Right-click within the Quote List and select ‘Column’ and then ‘Add/Remove Columns’

11. Which of the following does NOT allow a user to save a Flex Document ?

        B. Go to the ‘My Eikon’ menu and select ‘File’ then ‘Save As’

12. How can you save a chart app as a Favorite ?

        B. In the app title bar go to Menu>File>Favorites>Add to Favorites

13. How can you access Reuters Breakingviews

A. Via the ‘News and Research’ menu of the left-hand side of the content Explorer Home page

14. Is the following statement true or false ?

You may print a news article but it is NOT possible to email the news article to a colleague.

        B. False

15. How can you find news and events for the various asset classes e.g. Foreign Exchange via the Content Explorer screen ?

B. Select the relevant asset class from the ‘Asset Classes’ menu and click on the ‘News and Events’ tab

16. Which of the following statements best describes Reuters Insider ?

B. Reuters Insider provides live and on-demand programming delivered over a cutting edge video player

17. Is the following statement true or false

        It is possible to add a trendline to the Rebasing Quick Chart

        A. True

18. Which color should the ‘Add Trendline’ button in the chart be if you want to create a Trendline ?

        C. Blue

19. Which tab on the ‘Asset Classes’ pages e.g. Fixed Income provides a list of pre-built charts relating to that specific market ?

        A. Market Data and Tools

20. The Insert Analysis dialog box is used to add an analysis to a Chart. Which statement is true of the Insert Analysis dialog box ?

        C. Use the ‘General’ tab to add the instrument code

21. Which of the following can be sent via Thomson Reuters Messenger to other Thomson Reuters Eikon Users ?

        E. All of the above

22. Is the following statement true or false ?

Thomson Reuters Messenger is NOT able to contact AOL, MSN and Yahoo Instant Messenger users.

B. False

23. Which is not a feature of Thomson Reuters Messenger ?

        B. Connect to Facebook

24. Is the following statement true or false ?

The Related menu available in the Quote List automatically displays Calculators relevant to the instruments being viewed.

A. True

25. You have embedded a Calculator into a Flex Document and would like to see the Calculator full size. What could you do ?

        A. Click the ‘Maximize’ icon at the top right of the frame

26. Which of the following are trading venues accessible within Thomson Reuters Eikon ?

        E. All of the above

27. Is the following statement true or false ?

If you drag and drop data from a Chart or a Quick Chart into Thomson Reuters Eikon Excel the data will automatically update in the spreadsheet.

        A. True

28. Which one of the following would you use to quickly build a table of data that updates in real-time in Thomson Reuters Eikon Excel ?

        C. Thomson Reuters Eikon Excel SpeedData

29. Which 2 of the following are true when describing the Adfin Analytics in Thomson Reuters Eikon Excel

        B. Adfin Analytics functions are installed with Thomson Reuters Eikon Excel

        D. Adfin Analytics are called the ‘Style Management’ Thomson Reuters Eikon Excel

30. Which Hot key should you press to access the on-line help for a selected chart ?

        C. F1


  1. Which of the following statements is False?

C – NOT Possible

  1. How can you ungroup an app in a workspace?

C- Click the ungroup

  1. Which of the following statements is false?


  1. Which of the following statements is false regarding access to Thomson Reuters customer support via Messenger?

A-Messenger is a fee liable service



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