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Anthropology - Cultures of the World

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Essay Preview: Anthropology - Cultures of the World

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Anthropology- Cultures of the World

For my groups culture project we created a culture called the Triton Tribe. We are located 10,000 leagues under the sea, and we live in a bubble. For currency we use sand dollars and shark teeth.

Our religion is probably the most notable aspect of our culture. We are polytheistic and we believe that Disney characters are Gods and Goddesses. King Triton is the main god, and he is the god of the sea. The Beast is the God of War, Aladdin is the God of Mischief, the Mad Hatter is the God of Reason, Cinderella is the Goddess of Love, Arielle is the Goddess of Song, Peter Pan is the God of Air, Lumiare is the God of light, Sleeping Beauty is the Goddess of Dreams, Geppetto is the God of Time, Belle is the Goddess of Knowledge, and lastly Pinocchio is the God of knowledge.

There are a few stereotypes about a culture, those being: that since we live in a bubble we are not stupid, we are not fish, or any forms of fish, and we can not swim for long amounts of time. First, just because we live in a bubble we are not stupid, we are actual very intelligent people. And if you think about it, we would have to possess some type of intelligence to be able to live and survive in a bubble that is under the sea. Second, just because we live under water does not mean we are fish, not everything that lives in the sea is a fish, that including us. We are not any form of an under sea animal. Lastly , we can not swim for long amounts of time, we are human .

When we go to land we wear camophlauge because we think that is what land looks like. Campohlouge includes everything from the make-up to the camophlauge clothing. This sometimes leads to unfair prejudice, because the people who do see us when we go to land think that we are weird and treat us differently. People think we are weird because we live under the sea and come to the surface in camophlauge.

There are three distinct behaviors that we are likely to exhibit: shady, sarcastic, and shallow. We are shady to the the extent that we are sketchy and just a little bit off. We are also very sarcasitic, it is part of our culture. Lastly we are shallow, we are a choosen group and that tends to make us very shallow. We view ourselves as highly intelligent and beautiful-handsome. On tope of that we are very cal, and non-violent. There is no violence allowed in our bubble. We also have a few non-verbal ques. The first one is that we clap at when we think people are unintelligent. Some people on land clap when they feel as though someone has done something good, but we view it as completely opposite. We think that clapping should be done when someone is acting unintelligently .

Second, we tend to whistle a lot. We whistle when we are happy , and most of the time we are happy. So when you walk buy someone, and they are whisteling it means they are happy. I would not recommend trying to strike up conversation with a non-whisteling person. This comes in handy because sometimes people on land try striking up conversation with a person who is in a bad mood, not realizing that they are in a bad mood, and then the conversation usually does not go very well because the one person is upset or not happy. This way if you notice someone is not whistiling you know to



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