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Essay Preview: Anti-Vax

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I feel very strongly that the word anti –vax should be added to your dictionary. When the word anti-vax was created it was not very popular, because many people disagreed that it can help them. Anti-vax meant to be opposed to vaccination. Although many people thought that the vaccine was dangerous but it helped many people. I think that the word anti-vax should be added to the dictionary because the vaccine helped people then and it could help people now.

“Anti-vax sentiments have, in fact, been around since Edward Jenner fist demonstrated the effectiveness of the smallpox vaccine in the late 18th century.” In this example it shows that Edward Jenner was trying to make vaccine, but he wasn’t successful. Later the doctors were trying to improve the vaccine by putting mercury in the vaccination. Then they found out that many people have died from the use of mercury so they stopped using it. Then the anti-vaccination groups believe that medicinal drug companies are promoting untested vaccinations to make money.

The culture of anti-vax begin in many different countries. The main vaccine began in England and the United States in the mid to late 1800s. While the vaccine was bad, our people made it save for people to use. The doctors found out that adding mercury to the vaccination would help, but they were wrong. Since that moment the government has improved the vaccine by stripping you’re medical license if you abject mercury into a child. The most famous quote was written by Leonard G. Horowitz which said “The greatest lie ever told is that vaccine are safe and effective.”



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