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Ap Us Timeline 2

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1776 - Declaration of Independence

A document created to explain that the United States was not under Great Britain's control. United States colonists were angry of how Great Britain mistreated them. Eventually methods to express how they felt ran out and they decided to declare their independence.

1778 - Treaty alliance of 1778

A treaty signed by the American and French stating that during a British attack they would help each other from the time it was sign to forever. As well as no further affiliation with England until united states was declared independence.

1781 - Articles of confederation

The first attempt of constitution for the United States. The articles gave a lot of power to the states rather than the central government which resulted in a weak government causing things such as outbreaks and rebellions.

1783 - Treaty of Paris

The treaty of Paris gave the United States official recognition of being an independent country. The United States got new borders and land as also stated in the treaty.

1785 - Land ordinance of 1785

The land ordinance of 1785 allowed territories of the west to be sold and it set the terms for the land sale.

1786 - Annapolis convention

Dissatisfied with how weak the government has become a meeting was called unanimously (Annapolis convention) for a constitutional convention. Many states couldn't make it or others like the southern states didn't participate in the meeting causing another meeting to later come about.

1786 - Shay's rebellion

Farmers of western Massachusetts were fed up with high tax raises from the congress so they threatened to handle it on their own. Which they did take upon themselves and they had riot.

1787 - Virginia / New jersey plan

(V) Proposed that there be three branches of government and legislative be the most powerful and having two houses become bicameral. (J) proposed that there be three branches of government as well but the legislative appoints executive members and executive appoints justices of supreme court and have one house being unicameral.

1787 - Great compromise

Proposed a two-house legislature, a Senate and a House of Representatives. The Senate would have an equal number of representatives from each state. For the states with smaller populations. The House of Representatives would have one representative for every 30,000 people in a state. For states with larger populations.

1787 - Three-Fifths compromise

3/5 of slave population was counted for taxation and representation in congress. It caused a lot of controversy between northern and southern states. The north felt the slaves be counted as property since they couldn't vote rather than people on the contrary the southern states felt they should be counted as people because it'll give them more political power.

1787 - northwest ordinance

Document with the ability to enter new states into the union. No less than three and no more than five states are allowed to enter the union. It encourages education and slavery is forbidden in new states.

1791 - Whiskey Rebellion

Farmers of western Pennsylvania were laid a new set of taxes on them for whiskey in the United States. The farmers rebelled and then the government sent to seize the rebellion actions.

1791 - Haitian Rebellion

The Haitian slave drove out the colonist seeking independence for Haiti. This became the only successful slave out break in history as well as the first slave country.

1793 - Cotton Gin/Eli Whitney

Eli Whitney created a machine to help separate cotton being that it wasn't very easy or fast to do with hands. It helped the southern states that produce cotton a lot more than before creating mass production of cotton.

1795 - Pickney Treaty

An agreement made between Spain and United States giving the Americans the ability to go through the Mississippi river and the claims of states now known as Alabama and Mississippi.

1796 - Washington's farewell address

A letter from departing president George Washington about him serving his two terms , reassuring that it'll be fine without him as president anymore and warning the United States that the new country may be close to crumbling before their eyes if the government continues to remain the same.

1796 - Jay Treaty

Took away British



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