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Apple's Success Story: Will the 'cool Factor' Sustain?

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Essay Preview: Apple's Success Story: Will the 'cool Factor' Sustain?

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Case Study : Apple's Success Story: Will the 'Cool Factor' Sustain?


As I read from the case, apple have been developing their innovations for a long time. Started from the iMac, the most innovative computer at that time, following by the others innovative gadgets including iPod, iPhone, Mac Book and iPad. We are questioning about Apple's next innovation, will it possible to keep developing forever? Additionally, Apple was the most innovative electronic company in the past and they always five year ahead their competitors. Time change everything change, their competitors -including Samsung, LG, Microsoft etc. are now developing their innovations after Apple step by step, and they eventually became apple potential competitors. So that we can define Apple's significant problems by the following mentions.

Innovative Sustainability

Higher competition

Customer's satisfaction


* Innovative Sustainability

They develop their products all the time.

New products contain all new exciting features.

New products seem to be thinner, lighter and cheaper.

The new feature is not that difference from the last one.

Some customers think the last feature better than the new one.

Higher Competition

Samsung launch the very innovative smartphone : Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Note.

Samsung increase their market share in the smart phone market.

There are plenty of tablets available in the market nowadays including Samsung.

Competitors are developing their product in order to compete with Apple.

* Customer's satisfaction

They add new product to the market too often.

New product seem to be much better and much cheaper.

Some customers including me regret our last purchase : we feel like we should wait for the new version.

Apple's price drop very fast


- The innovative balance

New marketing strategy

In my opinion, I believe Apple still be the most innovative electronic company at this time. Although, for the sustainability Apple should



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