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Factors That Contribute to the Success of an Mba

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Essay Preview: Factors That Contribute to the Success of an Mba

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Marketing Research

What Predicts Success of MBA Graduates once they Graduate

Submitted to: Dr. S. Bharadhwaj

Dated: 22th September 2011

Submitted By:

Aastha Chalana FT12301

Debasmita Dey FT12319

Swati Arora FT12367

Ravi Tejasvy Srinivasan FT12349

Shubham Arora FT12358


MBA is a perceived to be a sure way to career success in terms of salary and corporate hierarchy worldwide. In recent times with the financial downturn and a dearth of jobs, MBA did not live up to the promise. Salaries moderated, companies hired at lower positions and many were left unemployed. With this background, many questioned the necessity of MBA. In this paper we try to analyse the contribution of MBA towards the success of one's career.

On a world-wide scenario, an MBA is supposed to be a mode to sky rocket into top management after a few years of work experience. It is also the course which has purported the maximum number of changes in careers. Today, MBA has also become an entry route into most investment banking, high profile consultancy and top management jobs in organisations. Although there is a significant change in the way the MBA has been perceived for the past few years. Especially in India, where an MBA is considered the only way to get entry level jobs rather than top management roles in different organisations. In this paper, we will analyse various factors that affect the success of an MBA graduate after the completion of his/her course. We will also analyse where the premiums of getting an MBA has been diluted. The most important factor in the success of MBA's after their course is the motivation behind taking up MBA in the first place. In countries like India, where MBA institutes provide placement facilities to the students, MBA is seen as a mere placement agency and not as a course that could widen a person's perspective in business.

This along with some other factors like opening up of numerous MBA institutes which do not have the proper infrastructure, facilities, faculty etc. has also purported the decline in the importance of the MBA. Individuals must be very careful on their reasons for pursuing an MBA and their reason for choosing a particular institute for their MBA. Indian institutes should also lay more emphasis on education quality, infrastructure quality, the freedom of students and less emphasis on placements which should make students more careful in making their decisions about MBA and should once again reduce the dilution that has come to the brand "MBA"

Research Context

The research was primarily intended to study the performance of MBA graduates in their corporate careers. To increase the diversity of the sample we have included graduates from tier I & tier II B schools.

Research Design & Methodology

The below steps were followed to predict the factors contributing to the success of students graduating from Great lakes Institute of management, Chennai:

 Gathering the right information to start with the research

 Carrying out some background research

 Going ahead with qualitative research to gather information and analyze it. This would include arranging in-depth interviews to know about the problem and preparation of a questionnaire based on the above 2 discussions.

 Getting the questionnaire filled by the graduate students and going ahead with analysis of data using quantitative techniques

 Coming up with the final results

Literature Review

Perception of career success varies from person to person. At least it varies from a person pursuing MBA just after graduation and a manager pursuing MBA (Amanda Hay, Myra Hodgkinson, (2006) "Exploring MBA career success"). Success can be divided into three categories

Career Choice: The perception that a person can do a job of his choice. With this people are able to attract jobs of their choice, they are able to move laterally in their organization or start their own venture.

Career Climbing: This is the most visible feature of success. This is determined by the position a person is in and the salary that he draws.

Career Confidence: The confidence to take on new assignments and responsibilities that people would have avoided before MBA.

Following are the attributes that we found which were most often associated with successful people.

Emotional Quotient

1. Self-awareness

2. Self-management

3. Social awareness

4. Relationship management

External control

Successful people believe in their internal locus of control and that they are in control of all external factors. They strengthen themselves internally so that they can face whatever challenges life throws at them.

Persistence and perseverance

Successful people tend to be persistent in life. They tend to continue their hard work until they achieve what they want. One needs to be strong and persistent if one wish to succeed.


In this dynamic world, one needs to be highly flexible in order to be successful. One needs to adapt to situations accordingly, take hardships and try different methods if one fails.

Proper planning

Planning for your future at times guarantee you success. If there is a plan, one will maintain one's focus and head in the correct direction. Those who are unsuccessful do not plan or even if they do, their plans are incomplete.

Self confidence

Unsuccessful ones are always left behind because of the fact that they lack



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