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Apple Marketing Case Study

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Essay Preview: Apple Marketing Case Study

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Marketing is the process an organization use to determine what products or services strikes the interest of its customers. It's the strategy use to sale, communicate and in the development of the product or service. Mr. Jobs knows all too well that new and innovative products and services increase sales, profits and leads to a strong competitive edge for most organization. Two important keys to Apple Inc. success are marketing and the think different approach. Because of the solid marketing approach, Mr. Jobs and his team has been able to keep the risks associated with innovation at a minimum.

The marketing department guided by Mr. Jobs has a successful track record on marketing their products like the iphone, ipod and itunes, and a combination of great hardware piece with reliable software, a user friendly interface, and overall performance. The company has mastered the marketing strategy because of its strategic planning and ideas to cultivate the market for their products and services. The intensive marketing strategy used allows the company to competitively position its products and services in specific market segments. Creativity and innovation is the driving force in products, business model, customer experience and leadership at the company.

When Mr. Jobs return to the company in 1996, he shifted the atmosphere from production to the needs and wants of their customers as a means of staying profitable. The focus was on stratifying the customers and not worrying about the competitors. The four principles of marketing was adopted and utilized. Mr. Jobs' concept was to produce and market a product the customer can use and is willing to buy.

The four principles of marketing were molded to fit the company's view on marketing one good product for its customers. One of the product was the ipod. The ipod was not successful when first introduced to the market. Mr. Jobs focused on making sure the product was the solution, the price was a good value for the money, the place to purchase the ipod was accessible to the entire market, and promotion was easy to understand information about the product. Apple then set up a forum so they could get positive and negative feedback from its customers about their products and services. The questions were asked, the problems were fix and improved. Over the years, changes were made. Today, Apple Inc is a leading company in its industry.

Because of Steve Jobs, Apple has brought digital technology to the masses.

The company's visionary approach on marketing captured the imagination of its

customers. He is one of the greatest marketers in corporate history. Another fascinating

part of Jobs marketing approach is his ability to present the company's products




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