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At&t Marketing Case Study

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Essay Preview: At&t Marketing Case Study

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Before writing this assignment I want to produce an executive summary for this assignment. In this assignment first of all I describe a project for the write down its stakeholder's needs and expectations and after all I write down the critically evaluation to the process approach for this project. And the part - c of this project is related to the project which I have selected in the part - a, and in the part - c I write down about those factors through which this project became success. And the part - b of this assignment is totally different from the part - a and part - c , in this session I have selected a project where the time is less important than the scope and cost of the project. It means it is such project in which scheduling is less important than scope and cost. And in the part - d I gave the some suggestions in the field of the project management that could be important or worth able in the field of project management. And at the end of this assignment I gave small conclusion to close my assignment and this conclusion also represent my views that I have learned through this writing assignment.


AT&T connects people all over the world as AT&T is a leader in world communication technology.To provide best-in-class services AT&T relies on internal resources in particular project and program managers.

AT&T established a project management centre of excellence (PMCOE) in order to improve individual and organizational competencies and to raise a project management common standards and culture. To recognize the internal resources for the project management i-e consulting, training, mentoring, tools, process and techniques the PMCOE targeted over 10,000 project managers, programme managers and their supervisors and as well as the holders of the project management professionals (PMP) testimonial within the company.

* Additional objectives of the PMCOE are as follows

* In order to professional project managent success right processes,right servicesand right tools are in place and related together.

* To enable creation of a project management community to encourage the exchange of information to improve the project management practices.

* The secure and visible leadership qualities to support PMCOE initiatives.

* To become professional project management AT&T's drive culture to advocate.

* TO improve the AT&T's project management ability at all level, i-e individuals,teams and organizational.


AT & T Inc. is a primary communication holding company. AT & T provided services around the world through its branches and partners or associates. The major services include advanced IP based communications services, wireless, high speed internet access and voice services.AT&T is known as a directory publishing and advertising leadership sales of its yellow pages in a domestic market. The AT&T has a three screen integration strategy and is expending its TV entertainment offerings. In 2008, Fortune magazine ranked AT&T no.1 in World's most Admired Telecommunication company list and no.1 in America's Most admired telecommunication company list.

What will be the effect of Project management?

Defining project life cycle:

The first portion of the project life cycle is about to identifying the needs and expectations for the project. This means that it this portion of the project life cycle defines the scope of the project


The biggest challenge that the PMCOE faced was during the project activities, AT&T and legacy companies SBC merged and they were trying to bring together different project management organizations with a slightly different areas of focus. Due to this PMCOE had to re-evaluate the project. The PMCOE was also facing a challenge, that how to manage the over 10,000 employees that make up AT&T's project management community. And within this community there are various business units and each has its own needs and concerns. And not only the PMCOE tasked was to support the large number of AT&T project managers but also they had to understand the services which are most important. Lastly, the effective and efficient communication would be a vital element for the success of the PMCOE. Due to the large and worldwide project management population, the PMCOE would have to determine that how can share valuable information on a large scale.


The PMCOE applied a methdology that was likely match with the guide lines to the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK guide) to aoid the challenges during the development of the centre.The first step was to make sure that there is a smooth run in the project management practices between the legency companies.IN order to make the project management successful the PMCOE followed the following steps....

Initial process:

At this stage senior management handover the approval to the PMOCE team to established the merged PMOCE.Needs,assessment,resources forecast and financial benefits was included in the proposal.The PMOCE bussiness plan was re-evaluated to make sure that the mission were in alignment with the corporate strategies and strategies drivers.

Planning process:

In the planning process,the team analiyzed which product management services and products from each legancy are adding value to the project management community.Under thr new AT&T vission and mission statement a assesment was completed to know which are the critical product management products and services.

Executive Process:

The aim of this process is to delivered the project on time,under the budget and with quality.In a very short period of time,the new PMCOE had executed the combination of two legancy teams and gained the grip with the recently merged PM community.

Monitoring and controlling process:

AT the end of each month PMCOE described the bussiness plan goals to senior management.A survey was conducted at the end of every year to capture the feedback from merged AT&T project management community additionaly an other servey placed to the members of major deliverables.this feedback was analysed



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