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Article Analysis

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Article Analysis

The following article will discuss the negotiations between an Australian Consulting Company and the Chinese. The project was for the commissioning of a brewery with the latest technology. Globalization and current technology were the driving factors to win the bid for the brewery.

Analysis of Globalization and Technology

Globalization includes more than business-to-business transactions, it also includes people. In this case, the diversity of the consulting firm's employees played a major role in understanding the negotiations and cultural differences. The owner Peter Benjamin, of the consulting firm was able to draw information and understanding from his native-born Chinese employees. He was able to understand that saving face is a critical aspect of negotiations with Chinese firms. By use of his employees as interrupters, Peter is able to take advantage cultural understanding, dialect, and body language that the competing firms may not have been able to recognize. This edge along with the latest technology in the chemical engineering field allowed Peter to take advantage in the negotiations. By understanding that price, technology, and saving face are the leading factors in successful negotiations. By responding to winning the contract with a 5% discount developed a strong relationship with all the parties involved by guaranteeing them saving face with their boss.


By embracing globalization and developing a culturally diverse employee base, Peter Benjamin was able to draw on knowledge he could trust. By embracing globalization and expanding his customer base outside the provincial boundaries of Australia Peter was able to achieve a contract in China. Technology is ever expanding and desired by countries that are not as global. Technology is leading the expansion of many companies into a global market.


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