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Atlantic Ocean Trade

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From 1492-1750, social and economic transformations took place as a result of trade across the Atlantic Ocean. Over the course of this time period there have been many constants such as the exchange of goods and spread of religion, however, Europeans exerted increasing economic dominance over the Americas which led to many social and economic changes within the Atlantic world.

At the beginning of this time period there was trade but it was very minimal. Americas were isolated from the rest of the world including many Afro-Eurasian advances. The Americas were still fairly new and had missed out on many advancements that were taking place around the world due to their isolation. Asia, on the other hand, was the powerhouse of the world and dominated most of the trade around them. They were able to take control of the trade routes due to the recent withdrawal of China from all trade. Also at the beginning of this time period the Europeans began to have an interest in spice trade with distant countries. This interest in new trade eventually led to various overseas explorations.

Throughout the time period there were many constants that stayed the same throughout the years. For example, the exchange of crops was a constant for most countries. The trade across the Atlantic facilitated the exchange of many different cash crops between countries. Another constant of the time period was the spread of religion. Christianity was becoming well known throughout the world during this time period and eventually was spread into the Atlantic world. Native crops as well as native traditions also did not change from the beginning of the time period to the end. These crops and traditions were important to the country's people both economically as well as culturally. Although there were many changes in the Atlantic world as connections were made between countries, there were also a variety of constants throughout the time period.

There were many changes in the Atlantic world from 1492-1750. For example, there were a variety of social changes that took place during this time period. Among these were that social classes in the Americas were beginning to be based on race. If you were pure European you would rank highest, on the other hand, if you were pure Native American or African you were on the bottom. Another social change was the establishment of the slave trade. This trade changed the Atlantic world for the worse. Populations in Africa were decreased substantially and it was detrimental to existing African civilizations as well as to the establishment of new ones. The spread of disease was also a detrimental change that occurred during this time period. This spread of disease, smallpox in particular, decimated a majority of the Native American population. There were not only social changes but economic changes as well. These include the Columbia Exchange, triangular trade, and mercantilism. The triangular trade was neither beneficial



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