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Attracting Foreign Investors in the Eu

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Essay Preview: Attracting Foreign Investors in the Eu

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Purpose of Article

The purpose of this article is to inform the reader on how Italy plans to attract foreign investors. The Italian government has put together a portfolio of assets to sell, lease, and rent, such as real estate, public and private companies. As well as a plan to simplify the process, which in Italy, this is normally very difficult to do. This plan was presented at the seventh IFWSF meeting, which is an association of 32 sovereign wealth funds from 29 countries.

Findings/Being Shared with Audience

Italy has selected around 1,000 potentially attractive assets in which they plan to sell, rent, or lease to foreign investors. The property includes buildings with a minimum surface area of 1,000 square meters and a value between 10 and 15 million euros. Italy plans to do more than just sell real estate to foreign investors they also plan to bring in foreign investors to invest in companies that were hit by the financial crisis and are in need of funds to continue growth. The treasury has examined 160 firms, and has selected 60 companies that are well positioned for a partnership with international investors. This may not be enough to attract foreign investors. Italy has a bad reputation due to government hurdles for foreign investors. So the have started a campaign to unlock deals in the works. This will focus on 20 transactions worth around 6 billion euros. The plan is to restore their image by unlocking these deals and attract more investors.

Key Points

The key points in this article is, that Italy is taking the correct steps to open up their country to foreign investors. They not only have a plan for assets to sell to just foreigners, but also have a plan to hopefully make good of their reputation and potentially unlock billions in locked up foreign transactions. On top of all this they found away to help struggling firms in their country, well bringing in foreign business.


I believe this plan is a great idea. I think this will not only bring in a ton of foreign interest, but also really boost their economy. They were only hurting themselves by staying isolated. This is also a very rare opportunity for investors all over the world to grab a piece of the Italian market at a fraction of the cost



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