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Automotive Quality Problems

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The Automotive Industry has taken some drastic measures to make sure that Quality is the main focus of all manufacturing practices. From powertrain, stamping, interior, and

final assembly, each car manufacturing company has

error proof systems in place to contain and trace any component that has been put on the vehicle in

the assembly process. Each Auto Company and all suppliers are required to be TS-16949 Compliant.

This high level of quality rating ensures that systems are in place to prevent part defects that reach the vehicle. Now this does not mean that their will be vehicles made without quality. It simply means that each manufacturing company that is involved in the build process will have tracability that in turn can be monitored to stop quality issues quicker and fixed in minimal time with much lower of a cost than previous ways of manufacturing automobiles. We will still have human error even though robots are replacing humans at an ever growing rate. The automobile companies measure how many humans it takes to build an automobile as well as robots. We now have software that enables designers to design vehicles showing all interferences early on in the design stage or shall we say prototype or build 1. The Chinese Automotive Industry is growing at a rate of 20% per year. They have still not instituted The TS Quality System. As a matter of fact, American and European Car Manufacturers are bringing back work from China because their poor quality was really affecting the Warranty charges, and will no longer be tolerated.



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