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Bad Effects of Drug Addiction

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Essay Preview: Bad Effects of Drug Addiction

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Drug is a kind of stimulant. It is extracted from the papaver, a kind of tree living in lands that are very high from the sea surface. Drug can exist in many type such as liquid, powder or tablet. It can be taken into a person's body by breathing, smoking or injecting. In medical field, drug is very useful in reducing hurt. But it can only be used following doctor's instruction because it is very easy to be addicted.

Drug addiction has become serious problem all over the world. Millions of people are suffering from drug abuse. It has many bad effects on addicted people, their family and the society also.

Now let's have a look at bad effects on drug addicts themselves. Drug may cause many dangerous disease to their bodies. If people take drug in by breathing, their noses may be injured. If they suck it in, their lungs may be infected. In some case they may get lung cancer. The most dangerous way to take drug in is injecting. This is the most popular reason of AIDS. Once they are in need of drug, they usually don't care whether the needle is clean or HIV infected. They easily share one needle among a group of people and share also the century disease. When a person is addicted to drug for a long time, their brain system is critically damaged because of the effect of drug. This guy can't concentrate or think about anything. He may feel boring or unambitious. Anyone, from a student, a worker to an engineer or doctor can be addicted to drug. When they do, they will lose their future, their life become dark and meaningless.

Drug not only affects people, it also affects their family, too. Drug addicts will lose their health day by day. Some day, they are not healthy enough to work or may be they lose their job because of drug abuse. Now they become the burden of their family. They not only can't earn money to support the family, they also spend a lot of money on drug. Because their parents or wives can't get rid of them while they are suffering from the need of drug, they usually give them all the money they have to satisfy that need. But when they are addicted, their dose will become higher and higher and cost more and more money. Everything in the house will all be burnt into smoke of drug . Their family will be deep in poverty and debt. If their family can't support them, they may get angry and the relationship in that family will be broken..

When their family can't give them money anymore, drug addicts will get out of their house and do anything to get money. This will affects the society where they live in. They may become thieves, robbers or even killers to satisfy their need. As a result, criminal issues will become higher and higher. Moreover, after using drugs, they usually can't control themselves. They may feel so excited and and will do some crazy things such



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