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The Effects from Gambling - Addiction and Gaps

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Essay Preview: The Effects from Gambling - Addiction and Gaps

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Singapore will be taking a risk of addictive gambling among local people. The two integrated resort had a huge casino each, designed with proper planning to be as attractive as possible, to welcome maximum foreign visitors. However, this may somehow also attract local gamblers to visit the casino due to its high-class and unique structure. Addictive gambling may be resulted in the end because of the often visits to these casinos by Singaporeans.

Addictive gambling can caused many problems such as lazy working condition due to the influence of easy money that can be won in casinos. Gamblers might use gambling to be their source of income that is much easier than working their heads off every day. Gamblers that lose their money will tense to borrow more money to win their losses back, resulting in having many debts. This might caused families to break down due to the gamblers unable to sustain its' family's incomes. Gamblers might also lose their jobs because of their absence from work; with the time mostly spend to gamble in casinos, further leading to more financial problems. Gamblers' families might stay in poor living condition due to financial problems too. Singapore's economy may also deteriorate if this problem worsens.

Secondly, the casinos in IRs might also caused huge status gaps, being the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer. The rich are those businessmen that benefited from the casino by its earning. The poor are those gamblers that contribute to the casinos' earnings. Singapore will be divided into different classes of people. This will further lead to corruption in the future if the problem worsens, as the rich will be very powerful that might take control of the poor or to be said as bullying the poor. Rights in Singapore will not be equal anymore. Unhappiness among the poor might also cause riots and conflicts to break out.



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