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Balance Scorecard

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Balanced Scorecard

Starting from the bottom, the learning and growth perspective have 4 elements. Develop employee competency is about the competitiveness between brands in a department. It directly affects the operating system and slightly affects the CRM system. Internal communication includes the communication convenience, efficiency and effectiveness of the departments' communication. It affects both operating system and CRM system. Technology is about how the company utilizes technology to improve the company. It directly affects CRM system, operating system and marketing system; also slightly affect the communication with market. Creativity and Innovative Solution related to the level of innovative in business, products and communicating. A creative solution can enhance marketing communication and new product development, also slightly affects the operating system. In the internal process perspective, there are 5 elements. Customer Relationship System is about how the company maintains relationship with customer. It strongly affects the relationship with customer and their satisfaction; moreover it slightly affects the brand image and service provided. Operation system includes the operation efficiency. It direct affects the relationship & satisfaction also the service, on the other hand it slightly affect the brand image. Marketing system related to the effectiveness of the whole or a specific marketing performance. It strongly affects the customer relation & satisfaction, brand image and service, also slightly affects the product offerings. Marketing communication is separated part of marketing system, which includes the performance of the communication between company and customer. It highly affects the relationship with customer and the brand image. Also it slightly affects the customer satisfaction. New product development is about the product innovative and fitness for the customer. It strongly affects the product offerings and customer satisfaction, slightly for brand image. In customer perspective, there are 4 elements. Customer relationship and satisfaction related to the customer likelihood to buy in our company. It highly affects the sales & revenue and shareholder value, but slightly in market share and ROI. Brand image is about the perception of the company in their mind It directly affects sales & revenue, market share and shareholder value, but slightly for ROI. Product offering related to the size, volume, package, appropriateness and etc of a product. It affects slightly in market share, ROI and shareholder value. Service is about the service satisfaction and effectiveness. It slightly affects sales & revenue, market share, ROI and shareholder value. In financial perspective, there are 4 elements. Sales and revenue depends on the volume of sales and no. of transaction. Market share is about how many customers in the market we can obtain. Return On Investment related



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