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Bcom 275 - Demonstrative Communication

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Bcom 275 Demonstrative Communication

Demonstrative Communication





Demonstrative communication is one of the most basic but most essential communication methods available to humans. There are various types of demonstrative communication, including, facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. By understanding these it is possible to convey a message that is clearer to the intended recipient.

Humans are one of the most social animals, evolving culturally to specialize and take advantage of that specialization through the ability to communicate. Recent developments in communications technologies by way of cellphones, computers, and the Internet have expanded greatly the ability of people to communicate by written communication but nonverbal communication remains largely unchanged, besides the ability to do it over longer distances. Even with the technology today there is no substitute for a face-to-face conversation and the subtle cues that go along with it. In some ways communication through these nonverbal means is the most primitive form of communication, but it is still essential to leading a successful modern life. Things like facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language can add much more to a conversation than words can in some instances.

When a doctor gives the family in the hospital waiting room bad news much can be found about their emotions through their facial expressions. They would not have to say that they are sad or worried for it to be known. In this instance the doctor may respond by acting supportive in his verbal response or even physically supportive by giving a family member a shoulder to lean on. Similarly, a clerk may tell a customer that he or she is too late to return that broken stereo and may sense the customer's anger by his or her quickly reddening face. They may respond by calling the manager and finding a quick a fair resolution for the customer. In both of these examples facial expressions contributed substantially to the transmission of information between people and contribute to a more appropriate response from the receiver.

Facial expressions are also used in ineffective ways. People tend to use their facial expression as a communication barrier in some situations. During a poker game one usually cannot tell what the players are thinking by their face, which is largely the strategy behind the game. Similarly, during a business negotiation it is not usually possible to tell what each party is thinking by the look on their faces. It can be a hindrance to the communication process at the time.

Tone of



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