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Bed Time Story: Mad Dragon

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Essay Preview: Bed Time Story: Mad Dragon

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Bed time story: Mad Dragon

A long time ago, in the land of a mad dragon, there lived a king and a queen with a beautiful princess named "Nora". The rolling hills were sweating fear in the midst of chaos. Clouds massaged the tiny city to the point no one could ever see out of the town. Since the beginning of time, every morning the sun came up, the sun would crest atop the nearest hill and sit, pondering on whether it should erect over the small town, but never didn't. Early in the morning blacksmith heated hot coals and heated coals to hammer out horseshoes for neighbors. Bakers pulled out fresh kneaded bread out of ovens heated from fire. The taste of fresh bread from the town of Serengeti spread word to mouth for hundreds of miles. Serengeti was a place to come to for comfort and soothing.

Princess Nora walked the streets shaking hands with the chaliced working hands of local workshops. Nora was known for her sincerity and beautiful smile that could lift any spirit up on a rainy day.

On a Sunday morning after the morning mist, where neighbors brought bread and soup in efforts to spread wealth to the poor and each other, Princess Nora sees off to the distance and sees a small waterfall off into the distance on the side of a nearby hill. She follows a trail littered with weeds and grasshoppers to a point where she's too far away and cannot turn back; but her curiosity pursues her forward.

A few miles down the road, she scours through entangled trees and brush wondering where the waterfall is born. Then out of nowhere, she is swept off her feet from a mammoth sized dragon that brings her back to his cave. He kept Nora in the tower on the top of the cave and locked. Nora is terrified and fears for her life. She is very sad that lost her freedom. She's cry and cry.

On Monday morning, the town is saddened by the disappearance of the princess. The town is being grayness with cloudy. People no joy or happiness, some they are cry for their prince. And hope somebody could save her from a mad dragon. A blacksmith who is a best sword maker from his family ever since. He makes a perfect sword in hopes of using it to save Nora. And he became a knight. He rides off on his horse in an effort to find the prince. The knight makes it to the cave and takes the dragon by surprise. The knight lifted his sword amidst the dragon's flaming breath, he wields is sword high and fiercely into the dragons head. To everyone's surprise the dragon falls dead to the ground!

Nora is so relieved to be saved from the dragon, and she jumps into the arms of her savior! They fall in love with one another and became a king and a queen. They live happily ever after!

The end.



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