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Being Burned at the Stake

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Being Burned at the Stake

The horror stories told of so many who have died for causes that they believed in have brought me to tears. John Hus was horrified at the idea of selling spiritual benefits to finance a war between two claimants to the title "Servant of the Servants of God," and said so. I have often questioned many of the doctrinal teachings of the organization that I was once affiliated with. Too many times was I chastised because I could not accept the traditionalism of the so called church, or "the Body of Christ", as they put it. We were told that if we did not contribute to the building fund or any other church driven function we would have to be punished, moreover by God for being disobedient. In class I remember Dr. Brannon speaking of Pentecostals and becoming offended by a statement he made about people who are poor and uneducated somewhat or something to that affect. Well honestly after seriously searching for understanding, I totally agree with what he was saying. It is definitely easier to manipulate someone into doing something when they are not as educated, but to punish them for their own beliefs even when they are in contrast to yours is not a way to get your way. I must admit that I am thankful to God we do not live in the past where being burned at the stake was an everyday practice. For people I know in certain doctrines being silenced is just as bad. Being silenced meant that you could not participate in your leadership position or in anything concerning the church because you went specifically against an elder in the church. My father was silenced because he went against a pyramid scheme that was introduced into the church we attended, but because it benefited the people who were in higher authority, he was told that he, the assistant pastor at the time could not perform any of his duties, which meant that preaching and teaching were not allowed until he was formally released. I recall my father saying that he felt as if he had been "burned at the stake," and left to die, but because of the fire that was burning inside of him he could no longer allow a man, traditionalism, and ignorance to defeat him any longer. We left that ministry and my father later started his own nondenominational ministry. Although, his name is mud basically in that organization, he continues to preach and teach the word of God the way it is written, by not beating people upside the head their own doctrines, and fundraising efforts.



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