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White Paper on Flag Burning

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Essay Preview: White Paper on Flag Burning

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I want to know why people feel that they have to burn Old Glory as a way of protesting? I am hoping to find out with all of my research that people still feel that burning the American Flag is a very respectful way to burn old Flags that are worn out or that have fallen to the ground and not that it is a good way to protest what is going on with this country. Now for some back ground on why I feel that burning Old Glory is issue.

Flag desecration is a term applied to various ways of intentionally dishonoring a flag most often a national symbol. Such action is intended to make a political point against a country or its policies. The First Amendment to the United States constitution says "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of grievances." Some citizens think the government is stating that if society wants to dishonor the United States buy smoldering Old Glory to prove a point. In 1990, the case Texas vs. Johnson in the United States Supreme Court decided in Favor of the Gregory Johnson, who had been convicted of violating a Texas law by blazing the American symbol. In response to this, the United State Congress attempted to pass an amendment to the United States Constitution, granting the states to rights to pass such laws regardless of the previous decisions of the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court considers disrespecting the American colors is an act that is protected by the First Amendment the right to for free speech. "Since not all outlaw certain types expressive conduct simply because may have such effects." If an action does not immediately start a riot; the action is considered protected speech. During the Vietnam War, flag desecration became very popular way of expressing protest or dissent against the polices of the United States Government. Citizens should not discarnate the official United States Flag to show a symbolic act. If the leaders of country do pass an amendment, it should apply to Old Glory only. The Flag of the United States has rules and regulations they should be followed not dishonored.

I feel that there is a big need for this kind of study for with all that is going this is one of the main debates. History and Debate of Flag Burning Flag desecration, also known as flag abuse, is defined as any act that is carried out with the intention of damaging or destroying a flag in public. This is commonly done in an effort to make a political statement against a nation or its policies. Some nations have acts that ban flag desecration while others have laws that protect the right to destroy a flag as a part of free speech. Some of these laws distinguish between a national flag and those of other countries.

There are many methods of flag desecration. Flag burning is very common, but flags can also be spat upon, walked over, shot with guns or dragged through mud. Sometimes, flags may simply be used in unconventional manners. They may be hung upside down or sideways. Some groups have even made toilet paper and napkins that bear images of flags. These are then soiled with use and tossed aside.

People may choose to desecrate a flag for many reasons. Many times, this is done in protest to a certain government polity or to distance oneself from the domestic policies of one's home nation. It may also be a protest against nationalism or the government's presence in another country. Flag desecration may also be performed in other nations as an insult to the citizens of the nation whose flag is being burned.

I feel that this study will be useful for it will show the people of the United States and the people of the world that there are people out there that feel that burning Old Glory is a good why to protest and that there are people out there that feel that there is



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