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Ben Carson

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ben carson trying read exactally who he is and where hes from and how he made a differnce in his life and inspired others to do the same. and how he went through all his trails and tribulations and the sacrifices his mother made for him despite his hard life as a child. so where i go from here tryinf learn exactuall who is ben carson and what he stand for and how he made a differnece in his life.So i need to write this essay and learn who ben carson was and tell others who he is i know he has a movie and there are differnt versions of the book that can be checked out at the library and please spead who ben carson is so we all know this strong black african man made a differnce in so mant peopl lives by just trying and never giving up.the man is a blessed man and should be a happy one for all he has done and suceeded now i need read more books bout black african american that has made a differnence because we dont usually hear about famous black people exacpt during black history month and we need this as a daily task in our lives everyday. ok so i am do this report and do my best and if i make any mistakes please let me know for i have done my best. for all i can do and give back and receive mine like he has done.



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