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Ben & Jerry Marketing Case

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Ben & Jerry's use geographical pricing. This means that it sets different prices in

different regions, such as countries in Europe and the United States. Thus, Ben & Jerry's

will adjust their basic prices to allow distinct differences in customers, products, and

locations. Under product-form pricing, they will charge different prices for scoop ice

creams and bar ice creams. Using time pricing, they will give promotional prices during

special events or when introducing new products into the market.

Ben & Jerry's Market Research Marketing Management Problem

Proposal 12

Plan of Approach

the school canteen, streets, shopping center or any other public area where ice-cream

products are sold. Through interview research section, we want to get a full

understanding of people's impression and expression about Ben & Jerry's, and to learn

more about their answers, but this is very time costing and hard to compare and analyze.

In addition, we are going to spread our research in the form of questionnaire of at least

240 people, which means each of our group member will have to conduct his/her survey

for 40 people and we consider the whole questionnaire research process will last around 1

week. This method will get us lots of information from people in a very short time. It is

anonymous and inexpensive to compare and analyze the information and the data as well.

But the result might not be a full story.

We also consider observing people in the streets or in amusement parks where Ben &

Jerry's products are sold. We will gather more accurate information from people's buying

behaviors and their attitudes towards purchasing.

Sampling Plan

Our group plans to develop and spread questionnaire in the sport centre for people who

always care about their condition, hospital for diabetes people, and other public facility

such as school, street, and amusement park where Ben & Jerry's product are sold. We

have to get sample for at least 240 people (each group member



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