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Benefits of G7 in a Print Quality Management System

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Essay Preview: Benefits of G7 in a Print Quality Management System

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With the advent of G7 methodology, gray balance aims are well defined and then targeted to achieve a consistent visual appearance across a variety of printing methods. It is also the foundation for GRACoL and SWOP specifications. So targeting gray balance aims and well defined specifications for primary and secondary colors we lay the foundation for process control relating to color reproduction in the manufacturing process from input to output. Users can then measure and monitor the product and take corrective action when it is not in compliance.

By simply defining target specifications and quality standards in manufacturing improves efficiency, maintains consistency, reduces costs, and improves quality. Faster, cheaper and better is not impossible when you apply specifications and standards.

This has been proven since the industrial revolution and optimized with programs like Total Quality Management (TQM), Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing. Manufacturers of products in a wide variety of industries have found utilizing quality management system reduce errors, improve brand, increase profitability and customer satisfaction. The print and graphic communications industry involved in color reproduction have recently begun to define and adopt these practices compared to other industries like automotive, computer, food, etc. This is how print is changing from a craft to a manufacturing process.

This program has yet to be fully defined and developed into a cohesive package or offering.

The package would include G7 Master Qualification, Basic Color Theory and Color Management, Implementing Quality Standards and Specifications, Print Process Control training in preparation for PSA or PSO style audit, and Color Management for Premedia and Creatives.

Note. RIT's Print Standards Survey2010 - During May and June 2010, RIT conducted a global survey to:Nearly 60% of the printers are interested in obtaining process certification by yearend 2011. No single certification scheme is preferred worldwide.

This program is modular depending on needs, market and skill level. For example, some clients may need basic color management and process control training before G7 Master Qualification or Print Process Control implementation.

Or the client might be a creative or agency requiring education and best practices for file preparation used in cross-media application. The point is not every client is the same and good assessments are key. Also, keep in mind that we can offer these professional services to other markets like premedia, design, ad agency's, service bureaus, publishers, etc. It could further brand XXXX as experts in the field of color management and process control for color reproduction, increasing credibility to penetrate key markets like commercial offset and wide format.



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