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Effect of Quality Management

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Essay Preview: Effect of Quality Management

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Currently the impression of quality management is arisen as a significant business practice that each and every one wants to assume in business transactions to make the business more effective and consumer oriented. By implementing quality management, corporations can guarantee quality in products and services. In this document the idea of quality management will be explain in terms of its conclusion on two different corporations, one that competes domestic and the second one in the international market. The corporations chosen to make this comparison are American Airlines that competes domestic and Lufthansa that competes globally.

Quality management is a vital part within an organization, because it will conduct the business to success. The purpose of the organization is to provide number one customer service and that depends on the quality of service offered to the customer. American Airlines and Lufthansa Airlines are two major airlines one that deals with domestic and international traffic and for the purpose of our paper we will work with American Airlines as a domestic carrier, Lufthansa Airlines is a German carrier that flies international, both airlines are constantly developing different strategies on how business is conducted, both are well recognized airlines that offered superior service to its customers and objectives in a long term.

American Airlines launched a strategic plan called flight plan 2020 which was plan for a long-term success of the airline based on the following five ideas: Invest prudently, earn customer faithfulness, strengthen their domestic network, be a good place for good people, and fly cost-effectively. If the plan is implemented as they belief, American Airlines will be securing important aspects to bring the airline to success.

Lufthansa Airlines long-term goal is named success strategy, their plan is based on three pillars of success; corporate structure, business strategy, and operational execution as per their long-term the similarities with American Airlines goals are pretty much the same, Lufthansa Airlines wants to provide Customer innovation and superiority, increase stages of flexibility, gain market share, organizational set-up for the airline group. The process used for both companies are similar and their main application is the total quality management for incrementing the services and achieving operational quality.

The following are the steps taking by both companies in applying total quality management to their goals; American Airlines and Lufthansa Airlines take on a high quality control program establishing an effective service process along with suitable quality and scheduling methods. Both companies have a program that helps evaluate the product and service requirements. Both companies have adopt methods to correct its existing deviations American Airlines for example have implemented a faster and smooth boarding process by offering passengers to checking the



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