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Bias, Rhetorical Devices and Argumentation

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Essay Preview: Bias, Rhetorical Devices and Argumentation

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Bias, Rhetorical Devices, and Argumentation

I am not really sure if I am really understanding fallacies. But I am not really seeing anything that would be considered fallacies. The only thing that I could find that would be possible is in the first sentence of the speech. If this sentence is actually a fallacy, it would possibly be Scapegoating. I am seeing that Charles Foster Kane is saying that Boss Jim W. Getty was a bad Governor, but he is not saying what Getty did. I am not seeing how the speech contains Scare tactics, Apple polishing, Ad hominen, Straw man, False dilemma, Slippery slope, or Begging the question.

I think that the form of bias that is in this speech would be political bias. Kane is speaking about the way that he would be a better Governor than Getty currently was. He does not give any details of what Getty is doing wrong, but he does state that he will get Getty indicted, prosecuted, and convicted for whatever he did do.

Rhetorical devices can be difficult, also. I am seeing a possible usage of Alliteration. This is the use of the same consonant sound repeated in a numbers of words in a sentence. I see this device being used in the third paragraph of the speech. This part of the speech is talking about the citizens that are not as well off as the wealthier citizens. We might also be seeing the device of Hyperbole. This is an exaggeration. This may be found in the second paragraph of the speech. This part of the speech is stating that Jim Getty has no chance of winning the election. Every single one of the polls and straw votes are saying that Kane is going to win. I think that it is an exaggeration to say that every one says it.

If I am understanding an argument, it is the method of making a point. Kane is using this entire speech to show how he is going to be a better Governor than Getty currently was. He states that he is going to help the people that are in the poverty level of living. I think that his argument would be effective. He made me feel that he was a good person. The only thing that would have made his argument more effective would have been stating what Getty did that was so criminal.

I honestly am completely lost with this subject matter. I have never actually heard of fallacies until this assignment, which means that this assignment made me do a great deal of thinking. I am hoping that this course will help me to understand the English language better. I have always struggled with English courses.


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