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Big 10 Rentals Executive Summary

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Essay Preview: Big 10 Rentals Executive Summary

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Big 10 Rentals is a new company that will provide car and bicycle rentals to college students. Big 10 Rentals is scheduled to begin operations in mid November to early December 2011. Big 10 Rentals will be a partnership, owned and operated by Maria Crandell, Amanda Edmondson, Devika Malhotra, and Tanvir Rahman.

Big 10 Rentals will provide a variety of transportation rentals to its market, which includes: Toyota, Honda, and Chevrolet coupes, two and four door sedans and Mongoose and Schwinn bicycles. Big 10 Rentals will target students at Purdue University and eventually expand to other Big Ten Universities. Big 10 rental will contract with the university and local automobile dealership and bicycle stores. Those contracts will be serviced with the assistance of strategic alliances, with local companies such as The Bob Rohrman Auto Group and purchase wholesale bicycles from large bicycle manufacturers. The Purdue University Parking Authority will also assist in guidelines and parking restrictions on campus.

Realizing the fact that most rental car companies will not allow a person under the age of 25 to rent a vehicle, there is a large market of people, (namely college students) who do not have personal vehicles and are not of age to rent a car. Additionally, some students prefer alternate forms of transportation around campus, such as a bicycle. Big 10 Rentals will bring the best of both worlds to one unique rental service.

In order to rent a car or bicycle, one must be a university faculty member or student with a valid Purdue ID and driver's license. To make the rental process user friendly, Big 10 Rentals will provide package deals for both cars and bicycles and will also customize rentals based on customer need. As well as host an interactive website that allows customers to place online rentals.

The physical location of Big 10 Rentals will be at Purdue West at the intersection of SR 26 and McCormick Rd.



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