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Executive Summary for Kudler Fine Foods Analysis and Proposal

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Essay Preview: Executive Summary for Kudler Fine Foods Analysis and Proposal

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Kudler Fine Foods has asked that their website be reviewed and analysis; then redesigned and updated. Kudler fine foods currently offers a website that is completely out of date and would like an update and change. They have stated that a growing number of customers have being checking out the website and would like to make sure that it is good. Kudler has asked that the customer perspective of the website be reviewed. They also asked if the maintenance of the website is easy and logically. Finally, they asked to discuss what is effective and why. After review of the website, maintenance, and effectiveness, Kudler would like a proposal for new additions as well as changes that need to be made to the website in order to be affective.

Customer Perspective

The first thing a customer would notice when visiting the site is that there is no visual appeal. The home page is visually lacking with having only two colors black and light purple that does little for visual contrast. The customer might then notice the lack of information that can be retrieved on the website. There is very limited information about the store locations as well as a short background on Kudler Fine Foods. The short background explains the reason Kudler stores came into being but not enough to get a feel for why Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet cooks store of choice.

Navigation is shown to be a problem with links to the different food categories offered at Kudler's locations. The links are indicated by an underline and red text when a mouse over occurs. The red color hinders the site and does not fit in with the color scheme. The links do not stand out or invite the customer to return or continue to shop in the website.

Along with bad navigation there is a limited amount of pictures for a food store and the pictures that Kudler does have does not seem to represent the store. The pictures should be photographed locally within the area of the store. Some should include team members to make a more home like feel to the site. Because of the lack of photos and the lack of proper navigation the site also suffers a severe lack of information regarding products. The cheese and wine section could benefit the greatest from adding information by having product reviews from store specialists or even links to wine enthusiasts' web articles.

With all this said the Kudler Fine Foods website is in need of a serious critical face lift. With almost every grocery store using the convenience of ordering on line Kudler needs to take a serious look at their website and upgrade it immediately. A specialty and gourmet food store should have a very elegant website.

Current Maintenance and Upgrades

The website for Kudler Fine Foods is very outdated. Along with having the outdated feel the site looks as if it hasn't been updated since the newest store opened in 2003. The current



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