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Big Bison Resorts - Resorts and Management Issues

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Essay Preview: Big Bison Resorts - Resorts and Management Issues

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Alexia Georges

Management 5000

November 20, 2012

Big Bison Resorts

Big Bison Resorts is a regional chain of indoor water parks. The CEO and the vice president of human resources (Frank) were planning on launching an employee of the month campaign. The CEO just spent two weeks as an undercover employee and saw first- hand the work of the frontline staff, and how the frontline staff contributes greatly to the success of the company. The CEO is now questioning the decision for an employee of the month. She thinks that allocating funds and time to such a program will not boost productivity. The thought that people just want recognition seems to fall short of peoples needs. Efforts similar to the employee of the month have been trialed in the past and proven to be unsuccessful.

The CEO, vice president of human relations, head of operations, and finance chief need to find a way to create a program that will motivate their employees. As competition from other resorts is rising, they would like to retain their current staff, create job satisfaction and motivate their employees.

Employee of the month is still an option to consider. It is an extrinsic reward and an intrinsic reward program is what the CEO is looking for. The program offers positive consequences for good efforts. There are also disadvantages to such a program. First, who will do the nominating of the staff? Who holds the power to grant such a reward? What is the reward based on? Are the benefits of an employee of the month valued to each staff member? Will it create feelings of inequity between staff that already work well together? The Employee of the month may create different levels of instrumentality, valence, and expectancy. Unless all are high, the viability to such an effort will not be beneficial long term. If a staff member achieves employee of the month, is the motivation over, and goal attained? Bison resorts are seeking a program that will have long term and continuous motivational factors.

The idea that people want and need more from work has been theorized. Needs of people are physiological, safety and security, social, ego, and self- actualization. All of these needs require attention. People at different stages of their life, and at different levels of company status, will believe that some needs hold more weight than others. A manager may value achievement and power more, as the other needs have been met. A frontline staff member, or a younger staff member may be seeking affiliation along with security.

According to Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory, Bison Resorts have provided the hygiene factors, but will need to provide and implement motivators. When both are present, job satisfaction will follow and staff not seek other employment as their needs are met.

The vice-president of human relations has a great task ahead of him. He will need to report back to the CEO and other chief executes of his new program and how it developed. Frank ( VP of HR) is correct in the fact that he needs to listen before they act. Frank is on target in his decision making process. He has been delegated the task, and is following the correct steps to create a positive program and initiative. He will be soliciting the views of the employees. Frank and Frank's staff will create a survey to be taken by all employees. The survey will ask questions about all levels of need. Several questions on each tier of need hierarchy. This will identify where most people see the need for improvement from their own perspective. This survey will be launched in two months. Employees will be instructed to take the survey in a two week time period. This should capture a large percentage of all shifts. Staff will be informed of why they are taking the survey, as the company is trying to meet their need and wants to hear their voice. The results will be presented to the executives in three months and a brainstorming group will be formed. The group will have the task of creating a 'rewards program" or an



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