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Ethical Issues Faced by Managers Dealing Harassment

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Essay Preview: Ethical Issues Faced by Managers Dealing Harassment

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Ethical Issues

In this paper, we will describe the moral and ethical issues that are faced by managers dealing harassment. Also, we will explain how the relationship between social issues and ethically responsible management practices apply to diversity. Lastly, we will provide a workplace example of an ethical dilemma involving harassment.

Moral issues are any issues concerning how one ought to behave, how others ought to behave, or whether a situation is proper or improper. Ethics is a branch of philosophy that addresses questions about morality.

When dealing with ethical issues in management, all managers must have good ethical judgment when making decisions. Managers must always think of the company and do what is ethically, morally and legally right. Managers take part in hiring, firing, performance evaluation, discipline. They are also involved in certain circumstances including harassment, and diversity. Sexual harassment in a form of discrimination in the United States that violates the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.(

Harassment in the workplace can cost anyone, even someone in management, their job, especially if the harassment is a sexual one. According to the American Dictionary (2009), harassment is to irritate or torment persistently. First off, harassment of any kind is intolerable. It is unmoral, and unethical. If a person has any morals at all, they know that harassment is not right and is not accepted. The issue of harassment affects not just the victim, but the victim's family, other employee's and the person, doing the harassment, their family. Harassment hurts anyone that is involved and even others that are not involved but knows the people that are involved.

Years ago, there was a girl that worked for a telemarketing company, and she was in training, and one of her trainers was a male. He was always making advances towards her, and she felt very uncomfortable. She didn't know what to do, she was too embarrassed to tell anyone, since she just started. This harassment was of a sexual kind. He was always coming and talking to her, cornering her just to say obscene things. She took this abuse for months, before she just up and quit one day. No one ever saw her again, but that guy still continued to work there. He was known as a guy that did this to all the new girls, and he always got away with it. Not sure if anyone ever reported him, but it went on for years.

He being in a management position should know better to act this way. When going through management training, you are taught and trained to not do this in the workplace. It is also against the law. Unlawful sexual harassment is unwelcomed conduct that makes granting sexual favors a condition of employment, retaliates against a person who refuses to grant sexual favors, creates a hostile, offensive, threatening, or



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