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Bill of Rights Case

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For US as a country and for their constitution, Bill of Rights holds a very important place. For having a proper understanding of this charter and also the series of amendments that are made, it is quite important to have an understanding what rights are they talking about.

Amendments in Bill of Rights

When the supreme law of the land was set up in September 17,1787, it was understood by the fathers of the nation that these laws would need to change with time. That is why there are provisions made in it and ten amendments have been called the Bill of Rights. They are:

1) Freedoms, petitions and assembly right: Under no circumstances would the Congress make any law that is dealing with either establishment of any religion or stop the free exercise of press. Also it would not curb the right to assemble or take their grievances to the government.

2) Right allowing bearing of arms: People would be allowed to bear arms. This is necessary for helping in building of a properly regulated militia.

3) Quartering of soldiers: Even in times of peace, no soldier should be quartered in any house unless and until there is the consent from the owner.

4) Rights related to search and arrest: Unless and until there is a proper warrant, which would be based on evidences, no search and arrest of any individual shall take place.

5) Rights even during time of criminal cases: Unless and until there is presentment or indictment of a grand jury, no person should be forced to answer any question related to capital or infamous crime. Only in cases related to land or naval forces, some exceptions can be made. Also no individual shall be forced to become witness to any act of crime besides that followed in the due process of law.

6) Right for fair trial: All the accused related to criminal prosecution has the right to have fair and speedy trials.

7) Rights related to civil cases: In cases where the value of controversy is above $20, trial by jury is necessary. And once facts have been checked by the jury it shall not be re-examined by any court.

8) Rights related to bail, fines and punishment: Any form of excessive bail or fine shall be imposed on any person. No cruel and unusual punishment shall be inflicted.

9) Rights to be retained by people: No special rights shall be given to some people and not to others.

10) Rights of the States': Powers that are not given by the constitution should be given to the states'. (Historic documents).

Later on, three more amendments were added to the bill and are called Amendment 13, 14 and 15 also Reconstruction Amendments. This is so because they were enacted right after the Civil



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