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Bill of Rights and Amendments Table

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Essay Preview: Bill of Rights and Amendments Table

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Bill of Rights and Amendments Table

Bill of Rights

Focus Date Implemented

Impact on Society Visibility/Current Impact on You

XVII Amendment Senators Elected by Popular Vote

The impact the 17 amendments had on society would be the direct election of a Senator. Before this amendment the

governor/legislator would appoint a Senator.


Amendment Liquor Abolished

The impact the 18 amendment had on society by telling people they can't drink Liquor, and this cause many people to drink and keep it as a secret.


Amendment Women's Suffrage The impact the 19 amendments had on society by giving woman with citizenship of the United States. Woman can vote and shall not be denied or abridged by the United State.


Amendment Presidential, Congressional Terms

The impact the 20 amendment had on society

XXI Amendment 18th Amendment Repealed

The impact the 21st amendments had on society by changing Alcohol distributing. The 21st Amendment is the first amendment used to change another amendment. The 18th Amendment and the 21st Amendment significantly changed the method the United States made and sold alcohol. Consuming Alcohol would be regulated state by state. This change would allow distributing alcohol wisely.

XXII Amendment Presidential Term Limits

The impact the 22 amendments had on society by limiting a president only to tow terms, without these amendments a person can a president until they died.



Presidential Vote for District of Columbia

The impact the 23rd amendments had on society by allowing the district of Columbia to vote rights as far as the president.


Amendment Poll Tax Barred

The impact the 24 amendments had on society by essentially let everybody be able to vote. There for, more Africa American can elect different candidates. New laws were prepared to help Africa American to be successful



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