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Billy Sunday

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This is a biography of Billy Sunday ( Runner of the Lord ) by

Elaine Cunningham is a story based on accurate dates and events in the life of Billy Sunday from the Ballpark to the pulpit, a book of 108 pages.

Billy Sunday, the main character, is an orphan boy named after his father, William Ashley Sunday was born November 19th, 1862, in Ames Iowa. One month later his father died of pneumonia, volunteering in the Civil War. He learned about his father from his mother. She thought her sons to read, pray to God, to work hard and do right to others. At age twelve, his mother could no longer support her boys. She wrote a letter to the Superintendent of Army in charge, asking him to allow Billy and his older brother to live in the Orphanage Home in Glenwood, along with sixty other children. Years later, both boys left the Orphanage to find jobs.

Ed decided to work in Nevada, Iowa helping a farmer's wife with her chores, while Billy worked for his grandfather with the horses and planting crops. Billy was furious by the insults of their grandfather, so they left. While Billy was working in Marshalltown, Iowa, Billy, as a Fire Brigade, he stated playing City-League baseball and then went on to the professional league, because he was known as the fastest runner in baseball, in the country. He played for Chicago, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia from 1883-1890; he was very popular with teammates and the fans.

In 1886, Billy and some of his teammates were walking down State Street, in Chicago looking for something to do. Across the street, stood a horse-drove cart called the Gospel Wagon. In 1887, in Chicago, Billy met someone from the Pacific Garden Mission. She witnessed to Billy and encouraged him to trust Christ and not the reputation of baseball players, drinking and never attending Church. Billy became a Christian and started attending Church regularly. He met an attractive, young lady name Helen A. Thompson known as Nell at church. They were married on September 5, 1888 at Thompson Home. They had a very happy marriage and four children. Nell gave birth to her first child in 1890.

Due to his Christian belief, Billy gave his testimony several times at the YMCA. He improved his speaking in spite of his stuttering and stammering while leading others to Christ. Billy signed a three - year contract with Philadelphia, but he was miserable. He prayed and left it to God. His prayers were answered and were released from his baseball contract. Billy then joined the staff at the YMCA, as secretary of the Religious Department.

In 1893, Dr. J. Wilbur Chapman, an Evangelist , came to Billy home in Chicago to asked him to be his assistant. For the next two years Billy Sunday worked with Chapman in meetings, he learned much



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