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"billy" by James Blunt

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Essay Preview: "billy" by James Blunt

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Morgan Goldstein

Song 1

The title "Billy" by James Blunt, not only shares the same title as Billy Pilgrim from Slaughterhouse-Five, but it accurately depicts various aspects of Billy Pilgrim's life. The song tells of a man, Billy, who time travels through various events in his life. Billy is "leaving today (don't know where he's going)," showing how Bill couldn't control where his time travel would take him, and when he would time travel. It describes his experinces in war, of how he is not prepared physically and emotionally (not knowing what war will bring,) and how after the war he is not the same person he was before the war: "The damage is done." The song has a general theme of pain and sorrow, which Billy experiences by reliving the sad parts of his life. The song also tells some aspects of Trafalamodorian believes on how even though an event happens at one time period, but that event is constantly repeating itself, and Billy will relive that event. Because of this belief, Billy accepts that "damage is done," and Billy cannot change what will happen in the present, past, and future. The song itself repeats most of the same lines and keeps the melody throughout, showing how Billy's life is always repeating itself and never changes.

Song 2

The song "100 Years" by Five for Fighthing shows the Human Earthling concept of time, it is reflected by the order of the lyrics of the song. The singer is portraying his life over a span of years, and as he gets older he can't return to the time he is older. The singer is showing how in life each event event follows each other and so forth. This human belief is Billy's original belief about time

Song 5

"Sunday Bloody Sunday" by U2 is about a massacres and how there is no reason for why these killings occur. The beat of the song and the singer's tone shows the singer is upset about these bombing and the devastation they cause. The singer expresses how one should not be singing song about massacres for this long, because by now everyone should be united and in peace. The song continues by telling that these bombings have little purpose because afterwards there is no winner. This song relates to the Dresden bombings, and how afterwards Billy and the other prisoners of war, see the disastrous affects the bombings have.

Song 6

The Dispatch's "The General" exemplifies how in war is utterly pointless. It shows how that you need to live your life and fighting in war is not what one's life should consist of. Lines like "grew a beard as soon as her could" are evidence that the soldiers are very young, child soldiers, such as are being impressed into the military, like both the German and American soldiers are in World War II. The general in the song releases his soldiers after he realizes the war is pointless, but he also does much more than that, he pardons them for what



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