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Birth of Venus and Olympia

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Essay Preview: Birth of Venus and Olympia

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Seurat's "A Sunday Afternoon"( oil on canvas)from the second video, is large in size, the first painting to be completed entirely in the Pointillist technique and the first to include a great many people playing a key role. The skirt of the woman in the center with a sunshade is painted in an orange-pink hue. It casts a blue shadow. Her red jacket is seen against bright green grass. The orange dress of the young girl running , has a blue-tinted shadow. The skirt of the woman with a parasol walking beside a man is primarily purple -- so it seems -- but is made up of a numberless of hues. There is a lighter yellowish "halo" separating the skirt from the foreground grass, primarily just behind her skirt. At the same time, Seurat defines form by brushstrokes: close, parallel strokes define the contour of the woman's bustle. The painting "Luncheon of the Boating Party" by Pierre Auguste Renoir from the second video oil on canvas is about casual socializing. There are many shades of each color used. There are fourteen people total, and one of the women is holding a small dog on her lap. The people are collected around a patio/deck. On each table there is silverware, wine bottles, glasses, and crumbs. People are talking, some on the railing, others walking around, or sitting at tables on chairs. There is a covered awning over their heads. All the people look nicely and cleanly dressed. The people in the back of the room are nicer dressed than the people painted closer up. People, men and women, are wearing hats, mostly casual hats but one man wears a formal top hat. Your eye is drawn to the right side of the painting. Some colors look brighter or lighter than others. The people look young, healthy, and friendly. There is use of perception, some people are painted detailed and up close, whereas others are painted slightly blurry and in the distance. There is water with sailboats in the distance of the painting. The painting is busy and detailed, but there is no jarring.From the first video Manet's "Olympia" ( oil on canvas),The painting shows a unclothed woman lying on a white bed. Olympia is staring at the viewer's direction. Her nudity isn't complete, as her hair is adorned with a reddish flower and she wears a black ribbon around her neck. She also wears a bracelet and slippers. Next to her, a black skinned maid, dressed in pale pink, holds a bunch of flowers and looks as she is talking to her mistress. A cat shape can be barely seen, sitting on the bed's edge, hidden in the background. In the background dark green curtains contrast with the brown wallpaper. The only light forms that come forward, are the woman's pale nude body, the bed and the maid's clothes. The Birth of Venus by Cabanel (oil on canvas)from the first video is a picture of a flawless woman adorned by five cherubs. Her skin is utterly faultless and is the perfect dipection of what a woman should look



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