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Body Composition and Weight Control Worksheet

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Essay Preview: Body Composition and Weight Control Worksheet

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1. List and define the three different body types:

a. Endomorph-

A large, soft bulging body and a pear-shaped appearance., High percentage of body fat, Short neck, Large abdomen, Wide hips, Round, full buttock, Short heavy legs.

b. Mesomorph-

A solid, muscular, and large-boned physique, Firm well developed muscles, Large bones, Broad shoulders, Muscular arms, Trim waist, Muscular buttocks, Powerful legs.

c. Ectomorph-

2. A slender body and slightly build, Small bones, Thin muscles, Slender arms and legs, Narrow chest, Round shoulders, Flat abdomen, Small buttocks.

2. A person with an Endomorph body type has which of the following body shapes? a. A pear-shaped body

a. A pear-shaped body d. Trim waist

b. High body fat percentage e. Both A and B

c. Thin muscles

3. A person with an Mesomorph body type has which of the following body shapes? b. Muscular, large-bones physique

a. Small bones c. Short neck

b. Muscular, large-bones physique d. Wide hips

4. A person with an Ectomorph body type has which of the following body shapes? e. Both C and D

a. Muscular arms d. A Slender body

b. Short, heavy legs e. Both C and D

c. Smalls bones

5. Together, muscles, bone and fat make up what is called your body composition.

6. Explain what is meant by lean body mass.

Lean body mass is muscle tissue and other non-fat tissue such as bone, ligaments, and tendons.

7. Define and distinguish the differences between "overweight" and "obesity."

Overweight -

Exceed the desirable body weight by more than 10 percent, according to the height and weight charts.

Obesity -

Having an excessive amount of body fat.

8. What is meant by "Ideal body weight"?

IDEAL Ideal body weight means how much you would weigh if you had an appropriate percentage of body fat.

9. Weight control has become a major health concern in today's society.



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