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Gun Control Is Bad

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Essay Preview: Gun Control Is Bad

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The right to keep and bear arms is actually safer for everyone, even those who are against it. If a violent person does not know which person is carrying a gun and which person is not, they will most likely not take any chances because they would not want to get shot either. I wonder if gun control advocates would place sign's in their windows, stating they live in a gun free home, since they strongly believe in taking guns off our street. If a burglar was roaming in that neighborhood, do you think the burglar is going to brake in a house knowing there are no guns or the neighbor's house which is not known if there are guns? You decide. I know the answer.

If thieves steal and drug dealers deal drugs, Knowing they are both breaking the law, why would either one of the two have any respect for a law saying it is illegal to possess a gun? This means that thieves, drug dealers, murderers, burglars, rapists, and robbers are not going to obey a law against owning a gun. If Innocent people, who are intended victims of a violent crime, comply with the gun control law, they will give up the legal right to defending themselves from people who have no respect for the law. Would gun control seriously get rid of all guns? Think about it, has the law on drugs gotten rid of all drugs? No.

Gun control would only disarm the honest, since criminals do not obey the laws in the first place. Even if it did disarm criminals too, they are generally stronger and tougher than most people anyways. Gun control leaves the honest as "east targets" for criminals. This means that gun control does not reduce crime, it increases crime. If gun control reduced crime, shouldn't New York City and Washington D.C. be the safest places on the planet? They are the least Safe. Gun control does not make it harder for criminals to get guns, since they rarely get them the legal way in the first place. Purchase restrictions only make things harder for the honest, which of course are not part of the problem; they are part of the solution. It's already illegal for most criminals to get a gun or to have a gun. The Gun control Act of 1968 made it a federal felony for anyone previously convicted of a felony to so much as hold a gun, or even a single round of ammunition, because the most violent crimes are committed by repeating offenders. In Switzerland, most households have an assault rifle and plenty of ammunition and the houses that don't have at least some type of gun. Switzerland is one of the safest places in the world.

For single family mothers and senior citizen that live at home, having a gun is isn't a luxury it's a life saver. A child getting a hold of a gun is serious and I understand that, but educating children about guns is the safest thing you could do. It is not taught in schools, and children do not know about them. Teaching children instead of hiding it from them would be the best thing to do to prevent



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