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Boeing Is one of the World’s Largest Aerospace Firms, and Leading Producers of Commercial Jetliners and Military Aircraft.

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Essay Preview: Boeing Is one of the World’s Largest Aerospace Firms, and Leading Producers of Commercial Jetliners and Military Aircraft.

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Ans. Case Summary: Boeing is one of the world’s largest aerospace firms, and leading producers of commercial jetliners and military aircraft. It is also one of the largest US exporters in terms of sales. It emphasize detailed customer knowledge and focus that understands, anticipates and responds to customer needs. Boeing is best known for the 747 jetliner, they have large contracts with different airlines as well as the U.S. government. Airbus is Boeing’s main competitor. Both compete in the same market segments. Boeing lost their leading position in 2001 & overtook by France-base Airbus. Boeing has been plagued with legal problems in the past. Boeing’s most recent commercial aircraft is the 787 Dreamliner. This new aircraft is unprecedented in the aircraft industry as it is composed of new lightweight material and the latest technological advancements. It offers more comfort and convenience and is 20 percent more fuel-efficient compared to other airplanes the same size, it was considered to be the plane of the future The Boeing 787 airplane has become Boeing’s bestselling new plane ever, demand was extraordinary. It was supposed to put in service in 2008 initially; unfortunately, quality control, and delays overwhelmed the 787 program from the beginning, and have caused concern about the future for this expensive product line.

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Problem: Boeing lost its biggest commercial airplanes seller title after the events of September 11, 2001. It illegally tried to get defense contracts with the US Air forces. In 2007 Boeing’s analysis of the shortage confirmed that there were fundamental ordering and scheduling problems. The 787-production process was plagued with problems. Part shortages and other bottlenecks led suppliers to ship incomplete sections of the first few planes to Boeing’s final assembly line. By mid-2008, the 1 st 787 delivery had been pushed back three times, and order would not be delivered until at least 15 months past original deadline. It announced that it would only deliver 25 Dreamliners in the 1 st year rather than the previous estimate of 109, and suggested that it would offer incentives and penalty payments to compensate its customers for the delay, that could make Boeing liable for $ 4 billion. The delays began raising confusion with customer relationships, and the Boeing handles the crisis will most certainly affect customer relations and future orders.

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SWOT Analysis: Strengths: • Boeing has a strong presence in the domestic market. It is the US government’s second largest defense contractor, which ensures ongoing business.



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