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Worlds Largest Companies

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The main goal for any company whether they want to admit it or not is to simply make a profit. Unfortunately just wanting to be successful and make a profit is not all that it takes, there are procedures put in place and employees hired to carry out the procedures. However no one will know if in fact the company is performing at its best, if there are ways to maybe reduce the budget by eliminating useless procedures unless there is a type of performance measures in place whether it is related to financial performance or inputs (are things such as quality, flexibility and cost) performance.

For the past six years I have worked as the office manager of a small home building company, we also work with the government which provides 95% of our business. It has been a long road of trials and tribulations to reach the well oil machine of a company that we have now. At first we only dealt with prefabricated homes, so the process was pretty simple. The house came in 2 pieces we put it together, preformed the finishing touches and the project was complete and a small profit was made. Then we thought if we built the home we could have better control of the house budget and profit earned. But as each project started it became clearer with issues we were having for example floors buckling that we need to implement performance measures to monitor the construction side of the company.

The first couple of years were chaotic and that is putting it nicely, it seemed at first everyone was working as separate units instead of working as a team. This caused for us to lose houses because we could not meet deadlines. Once the problem was discovered we found that having a visual outline of the process helped get everyone on the same page, ensure that deadlines where meet and help to foresee any issues that may arise. Sometimes even though one works in a specific unit there is a need to step outside your unit to observe what others do that may have an impact on your unit. In our case because construction would not communicate with the office supplies weren't ordered in time or when stages were met the office was not notified which caused a delay in the company receiving payment.

To ensure that the quality was not sacrificed, a simple checklist that listed specific things to look for was drafted. The quality checks take place throughout the entire building process. The checklist was kept on the on the job site and to prevent any temptation of tampering with the list, whenever the list was updated a picture of the list was taken and e-mailed to the office. This allowed anyone to visit a property site and check the quality of work.

After every three to four homes the construction supervisor reevaluates the current work structure to see how it is working for the company or if changing something's around would help to increase speed or efficiency. Reviewing how well subcontractors



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