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Book Case

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Children over the past few years have been more focused on their education and teachers have been able to teach the children better. Many parents agree with the dress code, but then their are others who are against the dress code for many reasons. One of the main reasons why many parents are against the dress code is they feel they have to pay to much money for the uniforms and then have to turn around and buy regular clothes. Parents believe that they should only have to buy clothes one time not twice. Also many parents believe that the uniforms should stop once their children are out of elementary. In some school districts the uniforms carry over to middle school and even junior high. As children get older the uniforms start costing more. Again the parents are having to pay for the uniforms and then buying other clothes. Elementary children are not picky about what they wear, but when you get into middle school and junior high they start caring in a lot of ways. Again many parents can't afford name brand clothes and children get mad fun of, but that's when the school needs to step in and take discipline actions against those students. Starting in junior high school children start to get a since of who they are and who they want to be. By making them wear uniforms you are stopping these children from learning who they are.

Every school has a dress code no matter if they wear uniforms or not. Some schools are more strict than others on what they allow the students to wear and parents don't seem to have a problem with that. The children are still able to decide what they want to wear to show who they are. Some parents don't agree all the times with what their children want to wear and some children do not get to wear what they want. Children should be able to wear what they want as long as it is reasonalbe. Once children get into high school most of them know who they are and what they want to be. So why would you want to hold them back by making them wear a uniform. Not all children should have to wear uniforms. Only the ones that are in elementary. Maybe one day the school official's and the state boards will realize that school uniforms are not necessary.



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