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Bottle Water Vs Tap Water

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Essay Preview: Bottle Water Vs Tap Water

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Bottled Water

Bottled water companies have spent millions of dollars on marketing and

advertising their plastic products to encourage "manufactured demand". According

to "The Story of Stuff", manufactured demand ultimately pushed customers to begin

the transition from the consumption of tap water to bottled water. When the idea of

purchasing bottled water to drink instead of tap water, the majority of the public

didn't think too much of the idea, being that tap water was easily accessible and was

less expensive. In fact, bottled water was found to cost at least 2,000 times more

than the same serving of tap water. Manufactured demand scared consumers into

believing that the quality of tap water deserved to only be used as showering water

or water to clean dishes--tap water was not to be poured into a glass for

consumption, unless you were possibly some type of heathen.

Manufactured demand figured that if they scared customers into believing

the water was of low quality and then seducing customers into believing their

special bottled water was of a better quality because they were bottled in the clean

mountain springs or even Niagara falls(as they would depict these beautiful photos

as designs on the outside of the water bottles). Tests run between the comparison

of tap water and bottled water also depict that people like the taste of tap water

more than bottled.

Now, what many actually are not aware of, is that they are paying much more

money for bottled water which is not necessarily cleaner or even better tasting than

its rival--tap water. Research has shown over the years that not only is bottled

water unsustainable, but the regulation and quality control of the water is extremely

lacking and within some companies even non-existent. "Occasionally a health department, such as Nassau County Department of Health in NY, will test an assortment of brands. This health department reported that they found inconsistent

results and could not recommend bottled water. For some reason, they did not test

the brands that have most of the market share."

Many also believe that bottled water is a cleaner and safer option to tap

water, which is why it is worth paying thousands times the cost of tap--wrong

again. Test results on bottled water samples show not only added sodium to the




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