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Liquid Gold:water on Tap

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Essay Preview: Liquid Gold:water on Tap

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1)Book title: Liquid Gold:Water on Tap

2)Author: Jillian Powell

3)Publisher: Kathy Baxendale

4)Write 10-20 words or phrases you have learnt from the story

sources,pollution,waste,reduce,shortages,population,countries,fig up,billion,drought.

5)Who is your favourite character in the story?Why

My favourite character is water.It's beacuse water is very useful to us.It help us for our life.But,at the same time.We don't save it.It will be no!So that I will not watse water anymore.

6)What is the story about?

This story is about water.It tells us how much water do we need,water sources,pollution and so on.Two of the chapters are my favourite.They are "More people need more water" and "How can we help save water?".

The first one is say about eighty countyies around the would already suffer from drought and water shortages and in 2050 the population of the Earth could be over 11 billiob so we will no water very fast.

The second one is say how to save the water.We can help reduce wastage by putting a brick in the cistern so less water is used for each flush.We can also take a shower than a bath--it uses less than half the water.Therefore we can save the water!

7)What is your comments?

After I read this book,I feel very fig up but I feel very sad too because I see Hong Kong people waste a lot of water and the Earth will no water so I think we should try and save water now!

I learn many things in this book so I will save the water and make the Earth have more water.



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