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Brand Management Assignment

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BA / BA (Hons) Marketing Management (133-19310)

Assignment 2: Written Report

Module Code/ Name:                                MKT09909 Brand Management

Assignment Title (if applicable):                Brand Development Strategy

Lecturer / Tutor:                                        Dr. Nathalia C. Tjandra / Dr. Brian Wong

Student Name:                                        Kwok Ka Lok

Napier Student No.:                                xxxxxxxxx

CityU Student No.:                             xxxxxxxxx

Submission Date:                                        ?? ??? 2016



1.        Introduction        

1.1.        Importance of Disneyland Theme Restaurant as a New Brand for Disneyland        

1.1.1.        Market Demand        

1.1.2.        No Existing Competitors        

1.1.3.        Good Profitability        

1.2.        Development of the New Brand        

1.3.        Synergy between Existing Business and New Brand        

1.4.        Aim and Objectives        

1.5.        Structure of Report        

2.        Introduction of the New Brand        

2.1.        Needs to e Satisfied        

2.2.        Performance        

2.3.        Imagery        

2.4.        Brand name        

2.5.        Logo        

2.6.        Tagline and Slogan        

2.7.        Taglines:        

3.        Identification and Rationale for Selected Target Market        

3.1.        Segmentation Variables        

3.2.        Targeting        

4.        Building Brand Equity for the New Brand        

5.        Timescales of Launching the New Brand        

6.        Disneyland Theme Restaurant Life-Cycle Strategies        

7.        Conclusion        


Appendix 1: ???        

  1. Introduction

  1. Importance of Adidas fitness legend as a New Brand for Adidas

  1. Market Demand

There is potential demand of Fitness center for all the citizen in Hong Kong such as students or workers as the phenomenon of health life style is getting more popular in Hong Kong.

  1. No Existing Competitors

There is no existing similar competitors in the Hong Kong market. It is also expected that Adidas fitness legend can create strong competitive advantages and gimmick.

  1. Appreciable Profitability.

It is expected that the Adidas Fitness legend can generate appreciable profitability as the premium prices for the training programs. It is also attractive for local sport teams in order to gain exposure form media and sponsor from Adidas.

  1. Development of the New Brand

(category extension)

Joint venture with Infiniti Fitness Equipment, Infiniti fitness Equipment is a

  1. Synergy between Existing Business and New Brand

  1. Aim and Objectives

The overall aim of this assignment is to propose Adidas to create a new brand called Adidas fitness legend. Specifically, the objectives of this assignment are to:

  1. introduce the main concepts of the New Brand

  1. To promote the importance of fitness
  1. To gain the exposure about Adidas and Adidas Fitness Legend.

  1. Structure of Report

The remaining of this report is organized as follows.

Section 2 introduces the main concepts of the Adidas Fitness Legend.

Section 3 identify and rationale for selected target market

Section 4 shows building Brand Equity for Adidas Fitness Legend



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