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Brand Management

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Objective of this assignment is to;

Identify and anlayse a problem related to operations management pertaining to a local manufacturing organization.

Recommend a practical solution to the above problem by adapting the theoretical knowledge on the subject to the practical circumstances.

Organization Background

In its 30 years of existence Tristar apparel it has become a $36 million dollar company with an output of 24 million pieces a year. It has 12 production plants and specializes in baby-wear products. They cater to the international market with a main focus in US and the European market. It is a preferred vendor for global brands such as Marks and Spencer, Next and Laura Ashley.

The first garment factory was set up by the founder and chairman, Kumar Dewapura in 1979, with only 10 machines and 15 employees. With their core competencies in quality and efficiency, they have been grown into a major player in the industry.

Operational issue concerning the management

Tri star specializes in baby clothing hence they have been unfazed by losing the GSP+ as export of baby-wear to UK is duty-free and they also have barely affected by the recent recession.

According to the management the company is facing increasing volumes of orders but the factories are failing to meet the delivery timelines and this so the management fears that it will eventually face negative consequences on the orders coming in. the fears are quite pragmatic as the customers will switch to other vendors. When probing in to the issue it has come to light that there is considerable amount of waste in the production lines inefficiencies and was largely due to poor inventory management. Inventory management is becoming the biggest bottle neck to the organization



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