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British Airways

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Question: Part A: Marketing Strategy of British Airways: 1) Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning, 2) 4 P’s Of marketing, 3) Recommendations.
Part B: Operations Management: 1) 5 Performance Objectives, 2)Recommendations.

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                                       BRITISH AIRWAYS

Table of Contents

Part A

  1. Segmentation, Target, Positioning----------------------------------------------------------3
  2. Marketing Mix------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4
  3. Recommendations------------------------------------------------------------------------------8

Part B

  1. Five performance objectives of operation Management------------------------------8
  2. Recommendations-----------------------------------------------------------------------------11



Segmentation Targeting and Positioning (STP)


The way toward partitioning the aggregate market into number of sub-showcases based on specific attributes is known as segmentation. There are different approaches to fragment the objective markets. BA advertise segmentation can be separated into four classifications: Demographic, geographic, conduct and psychographic.

•        Demographic variable – BA have fragmented the market based on different statistic factors, for example, salary, sexual orientation, age, training, and so on. So as to rival minimal effort carrier’s BA have acquainted evaluating methodology with request to a more extensive scope of statistic portions.

•        Psychographic variables– Market segmentation should likewise be possible through client way of life and frames of mind. BA has sectioned its clients dependent on their methods for movement, regardless of whether it is for business and recreation or for both. Top notch nourishment and drink, open seating and benevolent on-board staff have given by BA to make clients mark steadfast.

•        Geographic– based on district and thickness of clients, BA have portioned the local flights in UK and Europe. For instance, progressively household and universal flights are planned for those districts where individuals use air transports (Lewis, 2013).

•        Behavioural – This kind of segmentation depends on how individuals use product or administrations; how steadfast they are and what benefits they are searching for.


So as to move products and administrations, associations pick explicit market section I. e. focusing on. Target showcase determination can be encouraged by as indicated by a few examples, for example, association may target single market with single product (single-portion fixation) and target different market sections with various products. Single-portion fixation is trailed by BA and offer four distinctive administration bundle to various client sections. Economy, premium economy, top of the line and official are four dimensions of administrations offered by BA to target diverse client fragments. BA focus on a fragment of nationals including essential market of ABC1, which favoured high class administrations given by BA. Through development of its short pull showcase, BA have underlined in drawing in progressively different arrangement of shoppers (McDonald, 2013).


The last advance of STP process is the situating. It alludes to the choice of advertising blend the most appropriate for the objective client portion. The British Airway does not advance itself based on having least expensive flights as different carriers do. The association has for the most part centred around metropolitan territories where the most entrepreneur work and live. The BA has situated its image extremely well and clients likewise see its administrations as high calibre. Appealing situating of products and administrations is the significant achievement factor for BA. So as to accomplish long haul development BA need to situate its products and administrations effectively (Lewis, 2013).

Marketing Mix


Product is the fundamental and the key element of any segment or an organization. Place, value, advancement joins product. Without a product the other three showcasing blends, put, value, advancement can't be considered.

The fundamental result of BA is giving air transporters (flights) to the clients who wish to travel. It gives different administrations which are elusive. These administrations turn into a piece of the product which is sold by BA. British aviation routes have distinctive sorts of classes for voyaging which are official class, business class, club class and economy class. The product sold by BA has been separated into various product levels.



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