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Bshs 435 - Scientific Method and Steps in Scientific Inquiry

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Essay Preview: Bshs 435 - Scientific Method and Steps in Scientific Inquiry

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Scientific Method and Steps in Scientific Inquiry

Robin Outlaw


January 24, 2016

Vanessa Byrd

Scientific Method and Steps in Scientific Inquiry

        When learning about new subjects we have to research to become more knowledgeable about these subjects. To learn everyone has to do research, but how do we begin to research, and how do we know what we are researching is true or untrue. In learning about how to do proper research we will define what the scientific method is, the steps in the process, why each step must be used, and how the scientific research method is used in the article I read.

Scientific Method

        The scientific method is a method of research that identifies a problem, then gathers data, makes a hypothesis and then test the data gathered to see if it supports the information gathered. Using the scientific method in human services is relevant to the human service worker as it can help them learn different theories and methods. The worker then can use these to apply to the type of work they do and in helping the client with their problems. Leedy & Ormrod, (2011) state no matter what field you decide to work in research or as a social worker having knowledge of strong research methods and knowing the appropriate ways of collecting and analyzing the data is important for keeping up with the development in your field (pg. 8). Research is an important part of any job and should be something we all try and do so that we are knowledgeable in our line of work.

Scientific Method Steps

        There are six steps in the scientific method that are used in the research method. According to Creswell, (2012) these steps are identifying a research problem, reviewing the literature, specifying a purpose for the research, collecting data, analyzing and interpreting the data, and reporting and evaluating research (pg. 9). Each of these steps is important in the research process and each step has to be done. By doing each of these steps ensures that you are doing the proper research and help the researcher to know what to research, narrow it down, why the research is important, and how it can help in the field of human services.

        In the steps of inquiry you have to begin to identify a topic that needs more research, without a topic there is nothing to research. The second step is to review the literature which can help the researcher avoid duplicating the same research. The third step is to specify a purpose for research, or narrow down a research topic so that it is not too broad. The fourth step in the inquiry is to collect data in your research which will help to find answers to the research topic. The fifth step is to analyze and interpret the data found while researching which will help to provide answers to the hypothesis. The final step in the inquiry is to report and evaluate your research. By reporting your research to others in your field allows them to learn and evaluate your research work. Each step of the inquiry is important to the scientific method process and each one needs to be done in order for research to done correctly.



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