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Bshs 442 - Mediation Model Article Review

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Mediation Model Article Review


Angela Peebles

March 11, 2013

Courtney Bruno

Transformative Mediation

Supporting Family Strength: The Use of Transformative Mediation in a PINS Mediation Clinic article explains and describes the foundations for establishing an advanced service in which two social services agencies and a law school are work together in a mediation clinic that practices the transformative mediation model to aid patients from this approach.

Setting and Population for Transformative Mediation

Transformative mediation model understands of the requirements of the families in cases concerning conflict inside families; among parents and their adolescent children. The practice of transformative mediation, in combination with therapeutic interventions and social service, is an inventive preparation that constructs upon the understanding increased both in the progress of the PINS procedure and in the expansion of mediation model and training (Baruch Bush, Hershman, Thaler & Vitkovich, 2009).

Family and Children's Association and Long Beach Reach social services organizations along with Hofstra Law School Mediation Clinic used transformative mediation as mediation in PINS service in Nassau County. Together these organizations are dedicated in stopping juvenile justice and criminal participation for adolescents and his or her families. However, the organizations are partners with other specialists from additional corrections. These specialists work mainly in values of social work and a strength-based method. Relatively concentrating on what is inappropriate with a family or a child; a strength-based method functions on the hypothesis that families have capabilities and means for personal consent (Baruch Bush, Hershman, Thaler & Vitkovich, 2009).

Stages in Transformative Mediation

The Department of Social Services in Nassau County is the access is the direction for services for PINS families. The parent(s) or caretaker pursuing to petition a PINS request on his or her juvenile calls Nassau County Department of Social Services and concludes an incoming phone conference with a Department of Social Services employee. Established on this consultation, the Department of Social Services employee evaluates to see if PINS direction services are suitable for the family and the youth. If PINS direction services are suitable, the family is transferred to Family Solutions. A Family Solutions professional, is appointed to assist with the family to offer personalized referrals and assessments to public founded means. Mediation may be provided to the family through the procedure (Baruch



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