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Buisness Code of Ethics

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Business Code of Ethics

In Business there is a strict code of ethics mainly dealing with politics, conflicts of interest, or harassment. One quite necessary code is Compliance with Laws, Rules, and Regulations which if fallowed properly would have saved Lori Mason-Lorez life. When you walk up to a ride you always see a little wood figure that says how tall you have to be to ride the ride. Well on some roller coasters there is actually a weight requirement if you look close enough. Perilous Plunge at Knott's Berry farm is one of those rides where it is unsafe to ride if you're over 250 pounds and your waist size is over 50 inches. Lori Mason- Lorez was 50 pounds over the weight limit and had an abdomen eight inches larger than the max for the ride, which means the seat belt didn't fit properly. She was allowed to go on the ride even though she obviously didn't fit the requirements. When buckled in the seatbelt fit on her lower abdomen making her center of gravity higher than everyone else. So when the ride dropped, the pull was strong enough to rip her legs out from under the belt right before she perilously plunged strait to her death. There are many reasons for why employees allowed Lori on the ride, but from what I guessed is the time of day. The accident happened a little before closing so everyone was understandably tiered and distracted and overlooked her without much thought. These employees broke the law by letting her on the ride, even though she didn't fit the requirements.

Another important Code is Discrimination, which is very hard to fallow in many cases. When one group of people is left out, the situation is labeled discriminated. It is rarely feasible for engineers to design a ride that can accommodate all shapes and sizes. So it isn't the engineers fault that roller coasters can't safely seat everyone, because there will always be that group of people that can't ride because it's unsafe. In a perfect world none of these factors would affect life or if they did people wouldn't get offended if they were asked to step on a scale. But since America is not like that, people operating the rides are accused of discrimination and profiling when all they are trying to do is make sure everyone is safe.

When this ride was operational and safe it was a favorite destination from towns and cities around for hot days, when you need a mini-vacation at Knott's Berry Farm. After the incident they shut down to redesign, retrain, and regroup, until they opened it back up as a "new and improved" version. They fallowed the laws and regulations to get it up to speed. Hopefully, after this whole ordeal every employee will pay more attention to who gets on the ride to make sure it is safe for anyone that straps in.

Kant's categorical imperative is a good example in this situation. In summary, he theorizes that you are morally



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